Kelly cafe 28cm or Etoupe 32cm

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  1. Hi all,

    I am about to get my 1st Hermes bag and i am getting all jittery about it. I am offered 2 Kellys both in Clemence w PH, a Cafe 28cm and a Etoupe 32cm. I am planning to use this as a work bag. Things that i usually pack in my bag includes a wallet, agenda, cell phone, make pouch, note book and maybe some documents(around A5 size because i usually fold it) or a small book. I do pack a simple breakfast or lunch at times.

    I am 1.64m (think a 5ft 4). My concerns.....
    1. Is cafe too dull (or formal) to be used as everyday work bag?
    2. If i choose a etoupe, will it be too big to be used as a sling on myself. I have 2 young toddlers, so i foresee myself using the sling quite often.

    Which kelly do you Hermes experts feel i should get? TIA !!!;)
  2. Hi there! Both color and size will suit you for sure!
  3. b2b3m4, while I love etoupe, I love the cafe a little bit more for the Kelly. :smile:
  4. Well, I would definitely go with the Etoupe 32. I'm your size just err...wide so I prefer the 35 over the 32. According to Mrs.S, one of our recidents experts, Cafe in Clemence is very similar to Chocolate in Togo, which I have, and I also prefer my Etoupe in swift over that. Ok, I might have confused myself here a little, lol, but I hope you got my point!
  5. I think you would find the etoupe 32 more useful for daytime, but you might find using the shoulder strap a little ungainly. You need to try it.
  6. HI ! how exciting ! cafe in etoupe !

    I'm about your size, and I bought a kelly 28 (etoupe clemence) over the 32 (harvanne box), cuz i felt that the 32 looked too big on me - but u really need to get down to the store to try it out on yourself !!
    Cafe sounds like a very beautiful colour and it cld see you from day to night functions too.

    From your items you listed for work, i'd say the 28 wld be sufficient to contain all those (that's what i carry to work - and i used to squeeze in a milk bag too !!)

    However, if you intend to use it as a weekend bag for your kids and their items too, then a 32 may be better (i can fit my toddlers 1 change of clothes, diapers and wet wipes, plus my own keys and wallet and that's it - in a 28)

    I think u really sld go try them out ! Have fun and all the best !
  7. Love the 28 in cafe clemence...but...I don't think it will hold a notebook and papers well... The 28 is much more of a hand bag than a work bag... I typically carry a wallet, Karo PM, sunglass case, keys, and phone in my 28...I could fit a small will hold a small would not hold lunch...
  8. either one would be great everyday bags but def. a 32 kelly would fit more stuff for work.

    both colors are perfect neutral colors!
  9. I found the 28 Kelly too small to use as a working bag. The 32 holds everything I need. Both colors are gorgeous neutrals.
  10. Thanks for all the great feedback!!!!

    Kelly Birkin, SCL Why the choice of cafe?? I have already seen the cafe in real. Think i was too nervous.. (what's with me???) i didn't really try out the bag. Just thought it seems a bit too dull. (Or was it the store with the orange light???) But my SIL who was with me thought it look more elegant (esp at the price we are paying...) and therefore seems to get more mileage out of it (am i making sense here?)

    Icechick U prefer Etoupe because of the colour??? I prefer it too. Seems more sunny..

    Toscaong Ha, ha... i'm actually still pumping.. can't wean my 15mth DD off but that goes to a separate cooler bag. Seems a bit out of place if i fish out a milk bottle during a presentation. Gosh... u can actually squeeze all those stuff into a 28cm????? I am struggling everyday, sending kids to child care, mum's place blah, blah... And i am not ready to get a Birkin because i already own many of these tote bags which i dump eveything in... (bad habit). Hopefully with a Kelly, i will be more disciplined and packed everything neatly.

    GracekellyI haven't gotten to try the 32cm. But from pictures, i too have this feeling that it will be big if used together with a sling. But if used without a sling, is it difficult to open n close?
  11. Both for the size and color, I don't know why but Etoupe seems to go with everything!!
  12. I love the dark colors... : )

    Sounds like you are leaning toward etoupe? It is also a lovely color... "Best" is totally based on personal preferences...
  13. 32cm in Etoupe because you have lots of stuff to haul around! Also, try to get the Charm Chain and use it as an extender so the strap becomes longer if you want to sling it across your chest......
  14. Etoupe is a brilliant neutral but I'd also go for at least a 32 for a work bag. My 28 wouldn't be big enough (even though it is my fave size for a kelly).
  15. The 32 is a good day bag size, especially if you are going to carry a notebook or papers. The 28 is just too small, and you will always feel like you're stretching it out of shape if you try to stuff too much in. It's great for a dressy daytime (nonoffice) occasion but not for everyday stuff.