Kelly Brook & Fiance Billy's film Bombs In Cannes

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  1. Actress Kelly Brook and fiance Billy Zane's new film has received a drubbing at the hands of critics in Cannes.

    Critics viewing the couple's film Fishtales were said to have laughed out loud at how bad the film was, and more than half walked out before the end.

    Kelly Brook and Billy Zane: The couple's new film Fishtales is said to be a resounding flop. Critics openly laughed during the screening and many left before the end of the film

    According to the Sun, one reviewer said: "It was the worst thing I've seen this year, possibly ever. I stayed as long as I could without crying with boredom.
    "We followed the crowds and snuck out the door. But I felt guilty when I saw Amber Savva - the girl who play's Billy's daughter - waiting in the wings.
    "At least she's got time to learn the others should have known better."
    [​IMG] Kelly plays Mermaid Nereida in critically panned film Fishtales

    In Fishtales, Kelly, 27, plays Nereid, a beautiful mermaid, reminiscent of Darryl Hannah in Splash, washed up on a Greek island who makes friends with a little girl. Nereid then falls in love with the girl's widowed dad, an Oxford professor played by Billy.
    Billy and Kelly, who are engaged to be married, committed the cardinal showbiz sin of making a film together, which in the past has claimed the scalp of a few high-profile celebrity couples.
    Most notably, Guy and Madonna Ritchie in Guy's film Swept Away, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Gigli, which was soon followed by their broken engagement, and Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman - now divorced.

    [​IMG] Madonna Ritchie in movie Swept Away directed by husband Guy Ritchie

    [​IMG] Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's movie Gigli bombed spectacularly

    [​IMG] Tom Cruise and ex-wife Nicole Kidman starred in director Stanley Kubrick's last film Eyes Wide Shut.

    Not even Kelly's magnificent curves were said to be enough to rescue the film whose attempt to copy Daryl Hannah in her jewelled tail in the 1984 movie Splash has been royally panned.

    The laughter continued in the post-screening press conference when a journalist asked actor Zane if he would consider trying a new baldness treatment!
    Bald or not - from the critics response, not even a full head of hair would have helped saved this film from the mauling it's received.

    Showbiz. Dailymail
  2. Kelly should stick to advertising shaving products.
  3. These flops are at least memorable.
  4. hmmm im not surprised, she is a pretty girl, much more suited to modelling tho in my opinion :biggrin:, and him, his wig looked rediculous in this movie, it should have had a credit of its own lol :biggrin:
  5. Too bad for them.

    Prada- can you cite the source :yes:
  6. When did Billy Zane go bald?!:hrmm:

  7. :P I was wondering that too ! I used to think he was kinda sexy... but.. :Push:
  8. I like Billy but, to me, he will forever remain Robert Downy character's cheesy friend in "Only You"!:lol: I LOVE that movie!!!:love:
  9. I think he's been bald for a long time, I read that in Titanic (he played Rose's fiancee), he wore a wig.

    I thought he was hot too :shame: