Kelly Brook & Billy Zane out in London 11.10.07

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  2. What a cute couple!
  3. her hair looks nice, not too keen on the dress!
  4. they look sweet
  5. oooh she looks gorgeous.

    It was her first dance on strictly come dancing this weekend too, and my, the girl was HAWT!!!!! :biggrin:
  6. cute couple, not a fan of her dress its a bit fussy, but she looks very pretty.
  7. She is soo cute, they look good together !
  8. I love Billy Zane, maybe because he is Greek i don't know...
  9. is he english or american? he's of greek descent, but not actually born there? i never can figure
  10. How cute!
  11. Kelly Brook is gorgeous, I love her figure!
  12. I wish he'd grow some hair, his face is gorgeous but I'd love to see him with hair!
  13. my SO looks like Billy Zane in Titanic he he
  14. I thought I heard somewhere that he's gay? LOL...I guessed wrong?
  15. billy:love: