Kelly bracelet

  1. Can anyone tell me how much the kelly bracelet runs? I think it looks really nice on all of you who have posted pics with it on. I know I would want one with the palladium hardware. Do you all think that is something Hermes would ship?
  2. Do you mean the H bracelet or the turn lock bracelet?
  3. turn lock, double wrap
  4. Around $300, price will vary depending on leather. I just got an evercalf for $310, looked at a Chamonix for $330. All prices quoted are in US dollars.
  5. You beat me by 2 minutes hermesgroupie^
  6. BTW, regarding shipping, policies vary from store to store.
  7. I just paid $335 plus $15 shipping - for blue jean box leather....HTH! This was 2 weeks ago...
  8. Shoes, please let us know how you like it. My friend has a rouge H one that she's been wearing for 3-4 yrs now... beautiful patina. I have an orange pousse bracelet -- a totally different look!
  9. I am really enjoying it! It's very unique, of course ....and I know some people are bothered by the turn-key lock....but I like it....It may bother me more in the winter with coats going on and off, but not now anyway! I kind of want one in another color......
  10. I was thinking about white with palladium to complement summer tan... but then my (male) friend said it looks like a hospital bracelet! :Push:
  11. :lol: :lol:
  12. Shoes, I'm so glad you like your new Kelly Double Tour bracelet! Which color do you want next?
  13. Actually I kind of want black!! Going for that "tough girl but really good taste" look lol!!!
  14. Shoes, check out the Looping set of 2 bracelets. They have the silver Dogon clasp. I had a set of 2 that has one bracelet in Fuchsia Eversoft and one in Black Veau Miroir. If you want a pic, just PM me!
  15. Can you post a pic for us all to see please?