Kelly Bracelet

  1. I reeeeeaaaally want a Kelly Double Tour bracelet and whenever I ask in my store they don't have any.:crybaby:So I couldn't even try one on, yet.
    I would like to know if it comes in different sizes or if it is one-size. And if someone could tell me how long it is I would be very grateful!
  2. They are one size only. I tried one on this weekend up in SF and it was super tight. I felt like I was losing circulation in my hand...I did end up getting another bracelet but unfortunately it had a blemish so the credit just might end up going towards a new belt... :rolleyes:
  3. One size and it´s just about fits my small wrist, this size definitely doesn´t fit all!
  4. ^ yeah i can vouch for that my fat man wrists can never fit the bracelet no matter how much in love i am with it its quite depressing.
  5. Poor NM! Still traumatized by that incident.
  6. ^ i dont think i will ever get past it lol!
  7. The total length is 36 cms. The inner diameter of the bracelet when closed is 5.5 cms.
  8. hi ladies, i really wanted my first piece of H leather to be a kelly bracelet but now you have all worried me. i have the wrists of a child, would it be too big? if its big it would probably go around my wrists 3 times.
  9. Well it sounds like the bracelet is on the small side. But if it's still too big, you could get one of the ones that has a buckle (instead of a turnlock) and have extra holes put in it.
  10. Cherry Pie, what's the circumference of your wrist?
  11. i dont have a tape measure handy but id guess about 3.5cm or there aboouts.
  12. Cherry Pie, I think the double tour kelly would be too big for you.
  13. i was thinking the same thing, i hate having child wrists.
  14. I am not sure if it's possible, but you could ask for a special order. They can't say more than 'no'.