Kelly Bracelet Question

  1. I am a little confused regarding the Kelly double wrap bracelet (skin with a gold or silver turnlock closure.) Is this a watchband, or a bracelet? Both? What about the single wrap? And, will it fit a small wrist? Sorry-lots of questions!!!!!!!
  2. The Kelly Double Tour (double wrap) is a bracelet and runs for $345 with a 2.25" diameter--you can see it on the website here:

    Then there is the Kelly watch which comes in single or double wrap and has the watch face on a lock dangling from the turnkey and retails for $1,625--also on the website:

  3. Thank you so, so much. Now I see the difference. I'm afraid your reply is forcing me to the BIN button. See, I should find something else to do on Sunday mornings!!!!!! Church, maybe?
  4. It fit ONLY small wrists or you'll have to stretch it lol. It's quite small but VERY lovely. You can wear it without anything on as it meant to be or you can add a cadenas or watch. i like it the most without anything on it
  5. OMG, thank you guys again. I BIN'ed, in Fuischa w/palladium, no less-quite possibly the only pink item I own. See how Hermes fever gets to us?????
  6. I agree with andzrej.
    I’ve seen it on bigger wrists and it looks somewhat constricted.
    Attached is a photo for reference. My wrist is 15cm.
  7. MaiTai, that double kelly looks great on you :tup:
  8. thank you seton! :smile:
  9. lizavet8, please post a picture when you get it :flowers:
    on the left, my red KDT :heart:
  10. I can't believe I bought a fuschia bracelet, I must have lost my mind-very out of character!!!!!!!!But that's the beauty of the forum; you guys make me try new things!
  11. Fuschia a vibrant pink color. :tup: choice!
  12. Lisavet-That sounds divine! Please share a pic when you get it.
  13. I Love the Kelly Double Tour Bracelet :heart:
  14. Oh, I never thought of that! :wlae: Time to get that bracelet!