KELLY bags AVAILABLE on the window of H Lisbon STORE

  1. It was closed... :crybaby:I just passed the Hermès boutique and I saw three beautiful kellys, a red one, a blue jean one and a white one, I´m not sure but I think that the blue and the white are box, and the red is togo, not sure either, but I guess they are all size 32...
    Anyone who is interested, just ask me the store phone number, and I also can give you the store manager name!
  2. You would look so fab with a 35cm Black Box Kelly Jose ;)
  3. I have the queen, the black croco 35 kelly;) but I need to loose weight, so then it will look better on my figure, it will look huge...And as the Duchess of Windsor said:"I´m not to look at so the only thing I can do is dress better than anybody", in this particular case, acessorize better than anybody, because there´s no accessorie like the blac croco 35 kelly bag!!!
  4. Yeah!!!!! :yahoo: Quiero ver una photo!!!!! Te tienes que ver chulisimo!
  5. My dream bag black croco:drool::drool:!!

    I bet you look lovely its not all about how much someone weighs
    Camilla has her own sense of style and a lovely smile so alot of us over here think she is quite a lovely person

  6. Vreelandia,

    You looked hot in your other pictures, and I am sure you will look very hot while posing with your Croc Kelly!!!!!!!

    I can store it for you while you are trying to lose weight :yes::yes::yes: