kelly bag

  1. anione have an idea how much a kelly bag cost in singapore in average?
  2. Check Reference, Current Prices.
  3. efiea, in SG, Kelly 32 retourne is around S$9k+ depending on the type of skin/leather. Sellier Kelly in the same size is ~S$11k. The price differential of Kelly 28 and 32 is very small. I have no perspective of the prices of Kelly 35.

    Hope this helps! :smile:
  4. Kelly 28cm sellier SGD10,000. hope it helps.
  5. i was recently offered a chevre coromandel 28 kelly at liat towers for $11000. i had to turn it down...somehow the handle was not symmetrical....i know it suppose to be handmade yadayada...but i just couldn't live with it....

    it was BEAUTIFUL tho.....:crybaby:
  6. Epsom yes. Boxcalf, VL, Chevre .... another 1K ~
  7. Thank u mrs S for the clarification....

    Apparently for Kelly 28 epsom sellier in indonesia, its retailed at much cheaper than Singapore? :confused1::confused1:(got it from one of our tpf members)

  8. Really? Doesn't make sense, teepotz. Current price? Jakarta has its 30% tax for luxury goods, right?

    A lot of Indonesians come to SG to shop at Hermes because prices are lower here. iloveLV .... where are you?
  9. Pm-ing u now Mrs.S