kelly bag: rigid or souple

  1. saw a 35cm rigid in vache liage with palladium....a work of art but almost briefcase-ish? thoughts?
  2. i guess depends on your height, proportions, and style. for me, even a 32 rigid is too big. i agree that once it starts looking too big for the person, it becomes "briefcase-ish". i tried on a 35 rigid IRL and it was WAY too big for me but looked so nice in the case at the boutique.
  3. Personally, I like rigide/sellier for the smaller size kellys, 28 or 32. For larger kellys, I think sellier might be a bit boxy?
  4. I love them all. It's remarkable how this detail can really affect the way the bag looks. I love the Retourne/Souple for casual daily wear. It has a bit more of that throw around factor I like, whereas my Sellier/Rigide is definitely a more boxy in appearance but I love the formal look of it in a 32cm. A 35cm in Sellier is rather large on me personally so I prefer a 35cm in Retourne form.
  5. Duplicate
  6. Orchids, ITA! I also think that certain leathers lend themselves to Retourne and others to Sellier. For example, Togo is a casual leather and would look wonderful in a Retourne Kelly. Box Calf, on the other hand, I much prefer in Sellier. A couple of years ago, I saw a woman carrying a 32cm Rouge H Chevre Seller PHW, and I still can't get that gorgeous bag out of my head. I've tried 35cm Box Calf and Croc Sellier Kellys and they're too imposing for me.
  7. I love sellier kellys and the bigger sizes, but it's true, the 35cm in the more rigid leathers is really big. You could probably fit a small, thin laptop in there, but the weight of the bag stuffed up would make me hesitate to carry it as a work bag. Retourne however might be a different story because it looks less formal but I have yet to find out - as some retourne is finally making its way to me, hooray!
  8. I tried on this exact bag at H and it was very brief-case like and to me, lost a little bit of its femininity and "Kellyness." But I love rigide in other sizes and leathers.
    I just take things bag by bag and I'm not able to generalize about Kellys. :smile:
  9. As everyone said above, it's so much better and more accurate to judge each bag on its own particular combo of color/leather/hardware. Every combo lends itself to a different look.

    I own a Vache Liegee 35 Sellier with palladium - the exact bag you're considering - and I absolutely love it. It looks casual and kind of kicky like that and to me, not at all briefcase-like. Obviously it's a different look than a smaller Kelly, but each one has its own use and place in a collection, just as 30 and 35 Birkins too.

    That particular combo works beautifully IMO and you'd probably get tons of use out of it - it lends itself more to an everyday-type bag than a lot of others do as well.
  10. Enjoy the soft shape of the 28, 32 & 35 in Retourne. Just like my Kellys to be souple as I find them easier to use ( open and close )
  11. It is a personal choice. I personally like the retourne styles much better (considering that my fave leather is swift/gulliver). I have owned sellier kellys in 32 and 35cm and light and dark colors and find them to be a little formal-looking for my lifestyle.

    I still have a sellier in a 25cm croc though... I use this mostly as an evening bag. I think this is the perfect style and size for my height and purpose.
  12. For me, the 35cm would be too large and briefcase-like. I can barely do a 32cm and then only if it's in Retourne.

    The best size Kelly for me is a 28cm in both Sellier and Retourne.
  13. I will never go beyond 32cm because it's in the smaller sizes like 32cm and 28cm that still gives the Kelly design its ladylike 'tapered' propertion i.e. slimmer on the top and wider at the bottom. In the 35cm, it looks right a rectangle. Maybe if I was still working, I might have gotten a 35cm kelly for work, to use it in place of briefcase which is properly too manly anyway.

    And yes, I do agree with alot of the posters above. The sellier and retourne look is so different. I, only like the sellier, because I like my Kellys standing tall. That said, I know when one has a retourne, the next consideration will be a sellier, and vice versa! :yes:
  14. I have gone back and forth on this matter myself! I thought I loved I had a sellier ostrich 32 before...then I bought a 32 sellier in chevre and love this the BEST!!! Not sure why - can't explain...but it's just perfect. It's not too rigid in the chevre I think which is the difference yet has that 'proper' look to it...weird I know!
  15. I often see selliers in stiff leathers such as VL, Box, Epsom, and of course a bit of in between, chevre.

    I was very happy to see a togo sellier, which is so much harder to come by ....