kelly bag question

  1. hello,
    I am considering purchasing my first Kelly bag, preferably through a re-seller, (as my username implies I am based in London,England.)
    I have decided that the 28cm is the most appropriate size and black the most appropriate colour but I am unsure about which sort of leather.
    It would be used as a day bag- for both work and weekend (although my style is always on the conservative side)
    How easy would it be to find a sellier kelly be in one of the more hardwearing leathers e.g. togo?
    Does anyone have any experience/ photgraphs of this model?
    However, I am open minded and would welcome any advice/opinions on which model is is best for being hardwearing and working with both smart and more casual outfits.
  2. english, I feel a black togo 28 Kelly retourne would be lovely and very wearable both day and night. I can wear mine to work and then to dinner as this size and color goes anywhere.

    The hardware, is, of course, personal preference and either gold or pall would be lovely.

    I have some pics of my Kelly 28 with gold h/w ; however it's in clemence but it will give you an idea of the "look" of it:yes: as these two skins look similar, only the clemence being a softer skin, still with a grain but just a little smoother.

    I'll find the pictures and post them for you.
  3. ^^^ I agree, a 28 cm would be better in retourne if you are needing an everyday bag. Togo is very difficult to find in sellier, so a togo retourne would be lovely.
  4. Yes for day to night Kelly 28 is a great size.
    I have not seen a sellier togo so I am not sure. My retourne togo 28 works very well.
  5. Here you go!


  6. Isus you are so good!!! Do you smile when you take those pics? I would be laughing at myself.
  7. I have a 32cm Black Togo leather which is great for casual and dinner. Love how versatile it is.:heart:
    Togo 32 cm Kelly.JPG
  8. You look great isus! And I love the furbaby in the background!

    I agree with everyone so far..retourne togo would be gorgeous and can take you from daytime into evening.
  9. ^^^ I have a 32 cm retourne togo, prefect size for me as an everyday bag.
  10. Oh, Kellybag, YES!! I laugh at myself all the time and the more so the older I get;) I'd do better with the pictures if I'd remember to put on my glasses so I could see the little camera picture screen *sigh*
  11. isus, that has very little slouch for clemence, no?
    great bag.
  12. Ladies....HiHeels, thank you! Could it be that the size ( 28 ) has something to do with lack of slouch? The skin is very very soft....the grain is not as rough as my other clemence bags.
  13. Lovely kellys Isus and Amamxr.
  14. If you love sellier and the size 28, also check out black Chevre. Just lovely!
  15. i would like a black kelly sellier 28 in chevre as well
    and clemence and togo are both lovely leathers
    i have a kelly 28 in clemence(not black though) retourne and it's my everyday bag~