Kelly bag question!!!

  1. Sorry if this is a silly question, but out of all the options of leather (type, and color), hardware and size, which is the LEAST expensive? Wanted to see the range of prices for the Kelly bag. I love the look of the Kelly, just havn't really decided if i'm OK with the pricetag. HELP!!! Thank you for all your advice in advance! :yes::yes::yes:
  2. I THINK the least expensive leathers are togo and clemence, they are the heaviest too but very hard wearing, also I THINK the retourne (souple) style is cheaper than the sellier (rigide) and the smaller size Kellys will be cheaper then the larger ones. You might also get a bargain if you look for a pre-owned Kelly or a vintage Kelly although the vintage Kellys can be expensive too depending on rarity and condition. For what it's worth, though, they are all expensive bags, lol. For such an investment, I really thiink you should ignore the price and spend some time in a store looking at the sizes, leathers and shapes and colours and deciding on which colour hardware you want, gold or silver. When you have found the perfect combination, then ask the price! It might be worth hanging on a bit and saving to get your perfect dream Kelly. Once the store know what you are after, they might order it for you and it might take some time before one comes in, you are not obliged to buy it when it does come in either.
  3. Posh, in addition, you might find Epsom less expensive than togo or clemence. Size, I don't feel, will influence the cost too terribly much. It is almost as time consuming to make a 35 Kelly as it is a 25.

    The more craftsmanship ( stitching, complicated handles, straps, etc ) means a more expensive handbag....for example, the Hermes Omnibus. Lots of stitching there and more costly ( all things being equal ) than the Birkin style.

    Another example, you see H bracelets for sale and, say, they are leather lined and stitched on both sides and have hardware. Then, you see another bracelet that is just once piece of leather, no lining, little or not stitching and it's much less.

    Look for the little ( but important details ) to run up the prices on the H pieces as much as the skin you choose.
  4. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think epsom is also less expensive than others.
    I agree that the difference is not likely to be huge, and since they are all expensive it's worth reaching a bit for the one that really makes your heart sing.
  5. i recently got a toile and clemence kelly 32 and it was under US $ 6000 before tax! not bad at all! (oh, but that was before feb.1 price hike).
  6. Just to piggyback, I asked my S.A. and she said the difference between say a 32 and a 35 is "a couple hundred bucks" on a Kelly OR a bolide. She seemed to echo everybody elses thoughts here... the size difference is only a couple inches, it's more just to suit preference :yes:
  7. Thank you so much ladies! I think you are right about getting something that I will truly love! I think as a first bag I'd like the the 25 Kelly in a soft black leather with silver hardware. I'll actually go into an Hermes boutique to see sizes and hopefully feel some different leathers. I can afford to buy something I will truly love , but have never purchased such an expensive hand bag!!! The most I've ever spent is 1500!!! Once I decide, I sure hope I don't have to wait tooo long to get her!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  8. Good luck!. The 25 is very cute. I find the 28 more versatile. It depends on what you want to use it for.
  9. ^ Posh, I'd check out the 28cm retourne. Sellier (rigide) construction will be quite a bit more money.
  10. double post, sorry!
  11. Agree w/the suggestion that a 28 souple style would be a great 1st Kelly. 25 is really small...
  12. I have Kellys in many sizes and my favorite is 28 souple. Can go anywhere, day or night, easy to travel with.
  13. I agree with that you should really spend time to think about all the different choices and reach for the perfect combination. I think about my first Hermes Kelly all the time, and some days I'm changing my mind about certain things like hardware, leather, etc. but ultimately time will tell, and you'll be 100% sure about such an expensive bag!