Kelly Bag Charm thank you Perigord

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  1. Ok, I just had to start a new thread for this, I'm too excited to find the old one, sorry, I appologize.

    A lady named Perigord here, offered to send me some dining suggestions for Paris which BTW are fantastic, just the kind of food DH and I like.

    But she also did something so special that brings tears to my eyes, she called the mothership FSH and spoke to an SA, and after first saying no, they did a sweep of the store and found me a gold Kelly Bag Charm.

    She gave me the name and # and I called and the SA is holding it for me for when I get there next week.

    Y'all are so wonderful. I have real life friends who would not do that for me.

    Y'all just met me here annonimously on this board and to do something so nice just blows me away.

    Thank You Perigord from the bottom of my Hermes loving heart.

    All of you thank you for your support and encouragement.

    I promise to have a reveal of the charm, you can count on it.

    I hope I can meet all of you at some tpf get togethers.
  2. MM, What a sweet story!!

    I hope that you and your DH have fun in Paris.

    Kudos to Perigord/Periogirl (not sure on the name, myself) for
    helping you out. :smile:
  3. MissM, have a wonderful time in Paris, so glad you will have your Kelly Charm waiting for you.
    what a wonderful gesture Perigord. :heart:
  4. MM: what a wonderful story. I can't wait to read your Parisian tale, because I'm sure it'll filled with fun and adventure. I hope you find other great treasures at FSH too! :yes:
  5. Miss Margaux - What a wonderful story and I hope you have a truly memorable visit to Paris, I am sure great things await you as well as that gorgeous Kelly charm!

    Perigord - what a truly lovely gesture
  6. I will tell the tale of Paris. I'm dreaming Hermes, my DH loves the name "mothership", he said you will have to come back down to earth though.

    I'm sure I will find a few treasures. Y'all are teriffic. thank you again for the encouragement. It's not easy for me to get on a plane. I flew too much and have bad ears so I always worry.
  7. So glad you will get your charm MissMargaux yes the people on here really are lovely. Have fun in Paris, and i look forward to your reveal :flowers:
  8. How sweet:tender: and I must many tpfer's are kind and friendly. I tell my hubby you're just friends I've never met.

    I hope you have an H-licious good time in Paris, Miss Margaux and I'm looking forward to see all the treasures to come back with:nuts:.
  9. Awww, this act of kindness brings tears to my eyes.
  10. Thanks everyone. I'm still here we don't leave till sunday but I'm already dreaming H
  11. AWWWW...lots of good karma to Perigord!!! :flowers:
  12. oh, that is so nice, thanks to PF!!!!
  13. Wonderful story; wonderful Perigord!
  14. Wow, how incredibly thoughtful, that is really touching! I hope that you have a wonderful visit in Paris and I look forward to seeing your lovely gold charm (and any other goodies!) when you return!
  15. So nice to hear of that! I believe many tpfers are great online pals who would help anyone of us here when it comes to H!:woohoo:

    Enjoy your Paris trip and be back to share all the goodies soon!;)