Kelly backpack - pics

  1. I've never heard of a Kelly backpack until now. Does anyone own one? I guess it's a good "hands free" bag. What do you ladies think of it?

  2. its called the kelly sac a dos :biggrin:

    i saw a little girl with it.. so jealous .... but i dont do backpak bags
  3. This is my face right now: :wtf: . Personally, not a fan. My apologies to those who own one.
  4. Not for me but I do like the color of that one
  5. No.....
  6. No for me too
  7. No for Shopmom.......
  8. Nope. Not my style -- and much too casual for the price.
  9. nah - it's not me, either......I do love the colour with the white stitching, though!
  10. No...

    Like the color, though...
  11. nah
  12. i find that backpacks turn into black holes... things just keeping going in and i never see them again...
  13. I think it's too casual and not practical for such an expensive bag. Color is great though!
  14. No! Sorry not my style! The color is nice!
  15. Nope~