Kelly and Birkin popularity???

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  1. Hi everyone! I am currently waiting for my order that was placed this past July for a Kelly. I was speaking to my SA and talking about my Birkin order for February.

    I told him that I wished I had just ordered my Birkin first and been more patient. I ordered Kelly because it would come quicker. I knew I would get both anyway so it really doesn't matter but I really wanted Birkin first.

    ANYWAY..... My SA told me that the popularity for Kelly was really changing and that there was more demand for Kelly than Birkin at the Podium. He said it was harder to get Kelly orders processed this year because of it. I asked him if he knew why but he said no.

    Has anyone else heard this?
  2. i think that popularity for all other bags has been rising. the birkin is somewhat overexposed and i think a lot of loyal customers are looking to "diversify" SA did say that bags in order... kelly, bolide/lindy and picotin are very hard to get...........the trim is still pretty much always available
  3. Maybe I have been lucky...????? I always see at least a couple of Kellys whenever I go to Hermes, and sometimes Birkins...:rolleyes:
  4. Me too, actually. Maybe it's different in other parts of the world? The last three or four times I have talked to one of my SAs (I shop at several H boutiques), she has tried to put me onto a Kelly. I keep telling her no, though, because there's only one Kelly I still want and it's not within reach at the moment (croc).
    Lately I have seen several Birkins just out on the sales floor as well. Maybe H really has stepped up production? It's nice, in some ways.
  5. I always seem to see a Kelly and Birkin sitting on the shelves (usually NOT in the same place unless it's NY) in the various boutiques I've been to (including the Store-That-Has-Nothing) so, maybe he's talking about SO's that are not the norm?
  6. i usually see a couple of kellies on the shelves of the boutiques i have been to. i still have yet to try on a birkin 30cm or 35cm! i think birkins are still much more popular judging from my conversations with SAs.
  7. Hmmm, maybe it's all my Kelly orders?.....................just kidding.

    Yes, I feel that they have upped production of Birkins.
  8. There are always kelly bags on the floor at the local boutique. Along with bolides and picotins. Evelyn's around the sales floor...usually with some wonderful scarf draped over them. NEVER a birkin...and rarely a lindy.
  9. I have seen a Kelly for sale at H KOP from time to time but never a Birkin
  10. There is always a kelly or two on the shelf at my local H boutique, rarely a Birkin. I never see any lindys. Some bolides at times, always seem to have a kelly pochette available too. SA said (last week)that the most popular Birkin here is a 35cm.
  11. yay for Kellys!!! They're the #1 Hermes bag, in my opinion. I think what Hermesaholic said is true.

    there are usually Kellys at my store, always a Birkin or two, but the Birkins are "out the back", unless it's one they decide they need to move - on the floor, it's gone within hours.
  12. Huh, that's wild... I actually wanted a Kelly first, then a choc Birkin but the Hermes gods had other ideas!

    I stumbled into Ms B "early", because I really had my eye out for a sellier Kelly. She wasn't around in earthy tones, but Ms B was. So I got a Birkin first. It really could have been either way, but when DH found my perfect Kelly, my little heart was completely at rest.

    Whether you have a boy first or a girl, if you have them both you love them just the same. Same for Kelly and Birkin!

    (That was kinda convoluted huh? sorry about that lol)
  13. it is very interesting, i am seeing a birkin now and then pop up on the shelf where i never saw them on the floor ever last year or before, i am buying more kellies than ever now but only ones i know for certain i love, it is easy to make your money back on a birkin and even more, but not for a kelly in my experience, let us hope that the kelly resale value rises a little, IMO its elegance is worth just as much as the birkin, it is just more readily available.
  15. I seldom see a Birkin on store display but always see some Kellys. I'm going to guess that there is/will be a rise in popularity of the Kelly because of the many recent photos of celebrities wearing them. Victoria Beckham, especially, comes to mind. She looks sensational carrying them. It IS an elegant bag and, IMO, the most representative of Hermes style. (I just wish it were as easy to get in and out of as the Birkin!)