Kelly advice?


Sep 12, 2010
Hi I need some advice on Kelly I am thinking of getting my 1st Kelly I already have 2 Birkin's 35 in Black and Etoupe. It's been awhile since I have been on the forum due being on a Ban island I am back and thinking of adding a Kelly I really need a bag with strap since I have 16 month old baby. So I 1st wanted to know how much is 32 in Togo or Clemence is USD right now? And what leather do my fellow TPF that own a Kelly like or have held up for them? And then what is a good neutral color in Kelly? Thank you I love to hear anyone input on this.


Jan 15, 2011
For price, check the pricing thread. last September when I bought my last K the 32 Togo was 9900 USD before tax.
i think if I were to buy ONE Kelly, it would be black. It's totally different to your black B. If you want to change it up a bit you could look for Plomb, a dark blue or grey, Rouge H, Gold, or for a light neutral Gris T.
My best-wearing bags are Togo, Swift, and Clemence in that order. Swift looks delicate but my Toolbox has not scratched or rubbed at all.


Jul 28, 2012
If u were only planning to get 1 K then I'd go either for Black or Navy! Bleu Nuit or Colvert in Togo maybe? Or Etain seems very popular too. Good luck!

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Jun 8, 2007
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I like QF's advice on color. I don't go for black but there are some great neutral options that don't compete with what you have - gold, rouge h, or a navy color. I also like Togo if you want casual. I too have a swift bag but I do think they're better for the smaller sizes. If weight is an issue, you might like Epsom.


May 14, 2010
My 32 retourne kelly is blue indigo GHW in Clemence. It is a very dark navy that almost looks black at night. In natural lighting, it looks like a true navy blue. It's a great neutral! Have fun deciding!


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Jan 31, 2009
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Since you already have Black and Etoupe, I wouldn't go for another black bag. I would pick something more interesting instead.
With a little one, a darker color might be more practical for the Kelly though.
I am thinking a very dark blue (Blue Indigo, Blue Nuit), Etain or maybe a dark green like Vert Fonce? Not sure if you like Ghillies, but this season there is also a dark green Ghillies. Would look very special and beautiful in a Kelly.
As for the leather, I would pick Togo or Clemence. Both are very durable.
Good luck with your decision!