Kelly 40cm in Parchment -should I go for it?

  1. Hi there- I was offered a Kelly 40 cm in Parchment with gold hardware... Any thoughts??
  2. Lovely color/hardware combo. That's a huge bag though! Can you carry off a 40cm?
  3. I agree about the hardware/leather combo--this is one of the few colors I would prefer with gold hardware. A Kelly 40cm is definitely on the large side. Would you be able to use this color/size regularly?
  4. I agree - pretty color combo, but IMO 40cm Kellys look REALLY big.
  5. Thanks for your input- I am definitely a "big bag" girl- My preferred sizes for Birkins are the 32 HAC, and 35 cm sizes... I feel the 40cm Kelly is neater and more tapered than a 40cm Birkin, which looks a little like carry on luggage to me..
  6. ^^Sounds like you can carry it off. Do you like this leather/color/hardware combo? YOUR opinion about that is more important I think.
  7. I have not seen the bag in person yet... I plan to go tomorrow to take a peek- My only concern is that it might not wear well in that color, as I am relatively hard on my bags...
    Do you think it is an all year color?
  8. ^^^I would call it "winter white" once it starts to get cooler. If you are hard on your bags, give it some thought. If you love it when you see it tomorrow, then put your fears aside and go for it.
  9. this posting reminds me of photo of Mika (who, ableit, is not a very large person) carrying a 35 Kelly (as perspective) -- see post below for photo

  10. [​IMG]

    hopefully a bigger photo here:
  11. Pauli55: Nice color and hardware combo. Have you tried the bag on? It's a huge Kelly. ITA with HG,Parchemin is a light color so it is prone to dirt or stain. You may want to take this into consideration. If you are ok with it and you like the bag, you should go for it.

    ^^TG: I can't see the pic. Or is it just me?
  12. OK- I tried on the bag- it is to die for.. Togo leather- absolutely flawless...
    However, I am afraid if I make one wrong move, this bag will be destroyed-
    What are your thoughts? I can also get a 40 Kelly in gold clemence w/ gold hardware- which do you prefer? Thank you all for your help...
  13. ^^For the size, I'd go with the gold. It'd be much harder to keep a large white bag clean than a clutch or small shoulder bag IMO.
  14. I agree. I am OK with a light color bag in a smaller size but if it's big, you might have to put it down or bang the corner against something.
  15. I'd definitely go for the gold without hesitation.