Kelly 40-Need help please!!!!!

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  1. seems quite real but....i'm not too sure. The dust bag is definitely old though. The bag is 12 years old?? hmmm......if it's real, then it'll be vintage. As for whether it's okay the bag is brown and not orange, I don't really understand what you're talking about. Maybe you can tell me what's the colour stated on the sellers site. Then, we can have a better judgement.
  2. I know that the dustbag should be brown, I bought a bag in '98 and it still had the brown dustbag, the orange ones are more recent. As for the bag, it looks good to me...
  3. I've just looked at the Ebay pics, I have one just the same but size 32cm, it's Veau Courchevel which they don't do anymore. It's a beautiful bag. I've never bought from Ebay but I have sold some bags on it.. Although I can't read the description as it's German, as I said before, it looks good to me..
  4. Bagcrazy, it is hard to accurately tell if it is authentic by the posted pictures. I will go to the auction site to see. As for the dustbag...don't worry. I must be ancient old, but my Kelly came in a brown dustbag and the strap as well. If that helps at all. I will visit back and tell you what I think.
  5. Thanks a lot for your advice! Another question: the seller has lost the strap for the bag. Do you know if it is possible to buy it at Hermes?
  6. Bagcrazy, you can buy a new strap but this leather has been discontinued. It's very close to Epsom, though. You can always phone Hermes and ask. Then let us know! :smile:
  7. Hi Bagcrazy, I can't read the auction description but from the pics the bag looks authentic. I think the seller wrongly stated the leather as Ardenne on the listing title. That Kelly looks very much like Courchevel leather to me.

    This Kelly is big & can hold alot. It'll be very useful to have a shoulder strap. I agree with Greentea that if you want a leather strap, your best bet is to ask Hermes to make you one in Epsom leather, which is very close to the discoutinued Courchevel.

    Or you could ask for a strap that's made of canvas with leather at the the strap on an Evelyne bag. Might be easier and the difference would not be so noticeable.
  8. Good idea about the canvas strap. It adds a nice, sporty look to the Kelly, which is good for this larger type bag.
  9. Why doesn't someone ask Vlad or another German speaker to read the auction description?
  10. I was just at Hermes and saw this very same bag. It is the same color and size, I am sure. Pronto, go to the Madison and 62nd Hermes in NYC if you want to purchase it. I am thinking it is a nice bag, but not what I really want at this time. Plus the color is kind of light and I am not good keeping light colors clean! By the way, the Virbrato 35 Birkin I rejected is gone!
  11. Thanks for the tidbit Birkin baby! A Kelly 40 is a great work or travel bag but I'm dying for a 28 or 32.
    I'm not surprised that Vibrato B didn't lst long!