Kelly 40 Gold GHW?

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  1. In a dilemma & my PF friends are always so helpful! Soooo....I've been dreaming of a K40 for over a year. I placed a PO last summer for a K40 in a purple (or other "bright" color). My SA called & what was sent was a K40 in Gold with GHW. As some of you know I'm a pretty colorful person. I live on an island where it's hot 8-9 months out of the year & dress accordingly with bright maxi's, sandals, etc. I do love neutral bags but my only neutrals are a white Chanel flap, grey Celine croc phantom, and a Miss Dior in natural. This would be my first Kelly. I will have the opportunity to SO this year but I already planned another B for that order. So, my questions are
    1. Do you own a gold ghw bag & LOVE it although you usually prefer color?
    2. Can you imagine carrying this bag in summer with bright clothing?
    3. Obviously this bag will fill a "gap" in my H collection since I currently have all bright colors (soufre, rose t, geranium, tosca, etc.) but do you think I'll really enjoy & use this "gap filler"?
    4. Should I use my SO for a Kelly or create my dream Birkin?

    I realize all of these questions are personal & that it has to be my decision but I'm so stuck! I see gold ghw on others and it's just simply beautiful! But is it right for me? I just can't decide! Thanks guys! :smile:
  2. My Kelly has gold hardware and I wouldn't want it any other way. I absolutely adore my Kelly. I actually passed on multiple Kellys with PHW before getting the call from my SA with my black Togo Kelly 35 GHW. As soon as I saw it, I had no hesitations and bought it. Love it! You should feel the same way about any bag that you purchase.
    I have also pass on multiple Birkins because the color or hardware were just not for me. No regrets. If you think that Kelly is right for you get it, if is just not you, pass. You have to love all pieces on your collection :hugs:
  3. I think gold would be a lovely addition to your collection. It is a beautiful neutral that won't compete with your brightly colored wardrobe. I love it, but you have to see if it sings to YOU. Good luck with your decision! Can't wait for your next reveal!:smile:
  4. I think gold with ghw is divine actually! And since you do have a "neutral" vacancy I think this just might be perfect. I know you enjoy your brights (as do I) and it is hard bc if your a "bright" lover it is hard to believe you will adore your neutrals as much. HOWEVER, here is something to consider...your K is a 40, thats big! I think it will be more stunning if it was not in a bright blazing a purple such as anemone or iris...well that would be over the top gorgeous, but if that is not in your cards, I think gold with ghw could be your bag. In the sun gold and ghw just radiate!!!!! I look forward to finding our what you decide.
  5. Genie, you are still wanting your K40? :biggrin:

    I love gold Kelly, don't own one yet, but I am not sure if I would like one in a size 40, I will probably want one in a 35. I think I would prefer a pop color in a 40 versus a neutral color. But if you want GHW, then gold is very nice.

    However, you do have a lot of pop colors on your birkin collection. So you still want a pop color for a k40?

    I have a BE k40 with PHW that I bought 2 years ago and I only used it once. I just find that bag a little too big for me to use regularly, and I am tall. I should start using it more.

    I an not sure how many k40 you are planning to own. If this was the only one, you should be happy with whatever color you decide.
  6. I have a K40 in Etain w/PHW and think you will absolutely love one in Gold w/GHW. Now I must admit that I am tall and not a bright, colorful H bag girl. With my H collection, I have purchased all neutrals (Gold B, Black B and Bleu Lin Evy) as I know I will use and get more wear out of them over time. They are what I like to call "no brainer" bags. They are all classic, chic, easy and oh so wearable. If that is what you are looking for, the Gold K40 will be perfect. Good luck deciding!
  7. Whenever I travel to tropical destinations or at home here in the summer, I usually wear very bright and colorful clothing. I find that I usually pair it with a neutral bag and shoes such as my gold B or my beige Chanel bag. I find that sometimes a bright color bag, if it's not the right shade, would clash with my clothes. Today for example, I was wearing a shocking pink dress. Mind you it's winter here so I reach for my black bag. My next B I'd like it in bright blue or purple too but I don't think I'll wear it with everything.

    I think it depends on whether you want the bag or the outfit to be the focal point. However, if your clothes tend to be in one family for example pink or purple, you may be able to utilize a pink/purple K with it more often. I think a gold GHW Kelly would look gorgeous! You can also add colorful twillies to brighten it up and have different ones with different color schemes. G'luck deciding! Don't forget to do a reveal. :smile:
  8. I have a Kelly 40 gold with ghw and use it as my go-to bag in the summer. It was my first Kelly. I use her with all my bright clothing and it looks fabulous. I think there is something about the larger size that looks great with the more casual attire of summer. I especially love the the look of a larger Kelly with a summer maxi dress and gladiator sandals. I honestly don't think any Hermes collection would be complete without a gold bag, it is the perfect warm neutral.
  9. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393549542.313751.jpg
    I know this isn't gold but I love this picture of Beyoncé with her orange K40
  10. Great picture of Beyonce and her Kelly.

    I have a gold Birkin with GHW that I just bought. I wasn't too excited at first because it seemed very plain and didn't look like the picture (bought online from a reseller). However, after awhile, I realized that I do like it because it goes with everything and is a classic and classy neutral that I can use year round.

    However, I was originally looking for a B in a bright color like Orange or Blue electric. I'm very happy with my gold Birkin, but I still lust for a bright color so I"m on the lookout for a second B to fulfill that need.

    Gold with GHW is the perfect neutral and a great choice if you have many bright colored bags. But, if you've been dreaming about a K40 in a bright color, then gold won't cut it and you will always be on the lookout for that dream item.
  11. You put it perfectly! I'm trying to figure out if I will love the gold as much as my brights! And the purple K40 just keeps ringing in my head.....but I could def see gold with ghw being a go to bag that will go with pretty much any outfit perfectly. It's a toss up-either it will be a much used bag or sit in my closet! And I refuse to allow my bags to just sit without being used. Thanks so much for your reply! So helpful darling! :smile:
  12. Thanks for your advice dear! I don't really have a set plan to only own 1 K40. Ideally I am thinking of having 1 K40 & 1 K35 since a B is just so easy to dump stuff in and grab stuff out. But who knows?! I may become obsessed with the Kelly next.
  13. I'm thinking you may be right on target! My summer wardrobe is exactly that-bright maxi's with gladiator sandals. Easy breezy. It definitely helps to know that your K40 gold ghw is much used in the summer. Thanks a bunch!!
  14. I've seen this pic before and THIS is what made me fall in love with the K40! I'm tall, 5'8 and LOVE how Beyonce carries this bag. Casual chic!
  15. Thanks for your response hun. Your last sentence is exactly what I'm nervous about. I don't want to get the bag home and then think "Hmmmm, I like this but it's just not LOVE" ya know? However, when I got my Soufre B I second guessed it & it may be my most used B! Ahhhh decisions.....:biggrin: