Kelly 35

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  1. I can’t find the current price from the shopping link for K35. Does anyone know how much it is in Euros? I found one from a reseller and I am quite keen to get it, but just not sure if it’s a good price.

    I am also not sure if it would be too big for me but I love the color! It’s a rouge tomate K35 Sellier in Epsom. I am 5.5” and 53kg. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks so much in advance!
  2. A quick Google search says 7950 euros (2018 price) for a K35 in Togo (not Sellier). They do have K32 epsom sellier lister for 8200 euros (after I price increase recently I guess this year).
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  3. I can’t help you with price, but I’m about the same height (5’6) and have two K35s. Mine are Retourne — Sellier will look a bit bigger. HTH.

    64F27D7A-A611-48A2-9F78-D4D20627B2A8.jpeg 7433BD51-D9E2-433A-8AF1-BA6834D5C5E2.jpeg
  4. I’m 5’6” and love my K35 sellier. I find it large for weekends or dining out but it is absolutely the perfect size for work and conferences
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  5. I am 5’3” and about 49 kilo (108 lbs) and I love my K35 retourne! I had originally ordered a 32, but the seller had listed it incorrectly. I loved it so I kept it. It is so easy to access the contents because the opening is larger. I also have a 32 sellier and it’s completely different, not as easy. There are a couple of threads with photos of petite ladies with Kelly 35 if you do a search.
  6. Thanks, it’s really hard to decide without seeing the actual bag.

    I guess it’s about this price if purchased directly from H store. Thanks.

    Wow! You wear them so well. On what type of occasion do you wear these retourne style?

    I really like the structured look of the Sellier style. Just debating on the size. I am very sure it will be suitable for my build if I chose a 32, but I have not seen a color that I like so much as this rouge tomate in size 35, which is in almost brand new condition. I am afraid that I may not get the most use of it if it’s too big for slightly formal occasions. I don’t plan to wear the shoulder strap for Kelly Sellier of any size though. I already have a LV Capucine MM which I don’t wear often because it’s big and very heavy. I hope the K35 is not as heavy as the Capucine MM.
  7. Thank you! I wear them as an everyday, daytime bag. The 35 is a bit big for going out to dinner, but it’s great for daytime. I never have to worry about it being too small — if necessary, I can fit a reusable Whole Foods bag and a MemoBottle water bottle in addition to my regular things. I also have a very casual lifestyle, so I wear them casually, usually with jeans.

    I’ve tried the LV Capucines PM, and nearly fell over in shock at how heavy it was. I’m pretty sure a K35 will feel lighter!
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    I wouldn’t buy anything just because of good price. Since you are asking for all suggestions, in my views, K35 Sellier is a bigger bag look for your bodyframe, more of a briefcase style ..... but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for your lifestyle if you are considering it to be a work bag. However the color of this bag you are considering may not suit most work environment. I am also suggesting browsing IG or other social medias on line for styling tips and see if this is kind of style you are going for. Good luck with your decision :idea:

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  9. I don’t think it would look too big on you, but I happen to like functional bags, as I find small bags trend does not suit my lifestyle.

    I have seen a black cdc sellier 35 on a 5’7, very slim person (she wears size 34 Chanel) , she looked absolutely amazing proportionally. And I think you def could pull off the size. :tup: However, bright bags tend to look even bigger in person (and on pictures), so I would keep that in mind while deciding. Is there a way you could try on a bright color bag around that size? Perhaps that would give you an idea.
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  10. The way to decide if something is a good price is to research the market for comparable bags.
    Look at as many reseller sites as you can. If you are going down that route the current new from Hermes price is not very relevant.
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  11. I'm only 5'2" and I love my Kelly 35 Sellier. But I'll have to be honest. I do have to edit some items when I use it. I tend to carry a lot of stuff.
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  12. Personally I would get K35 retourne than sellier.. I love the size especially for travelling.. But I think you should go to the store and see it yourself. Play with the bag and take your time.. Because it isn't everyone cup of tea especially in sellier. But if it suits your style and you can pull it off. I'd say why not?

    This me with K35 tri leather
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  13. I agree that this is a large bag as I know it measures similar to the LV Capucine MM. I guess the K35 Sellier style is “smaller” than the LV I have. You’re right, I will not be wearing this to work. I like the pop of color for my days off, mostly for going out / visiting friends, even for city trips. Indeed, it’s necessary to do more research before I jump on it now. It’s not a small commitment. Thanks for the link, I will check it out.
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  14. Did you mean it’s not big enough for your daily essentials? I don’t carry much, but I like the idea that I don’t need to squeeze my stuff in case I have more things with me. Especially when shopping or traveling.

    I can see that it will be a great day bag too. You’re so lucky to have 2 in your collection.

    Great idea! Good to know that even a very slim lady can carry it well. I shall continue my research. Thanks for the tips on color choice!
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  15. I think a Kelly 35 sellier will appear quite large. Retourne is a better option for someone of a shorter stature. It functions more like a tote I suppose, but with professionalism and style....not actually sure how I would describe it, but it’s not a dainty bag. It does look neat and pulled together though. And mine in etain Togo is sooo soft and flexible in a neutral color that it is a pleasure to carry.
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