Kelly 35 swift advice

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  1. HI everyone I need some advice please I am trying to get my 1st Kelly as I already have 2 Birkin's. I know of reseller a cosignment boutique that is selling a 2015 Kelly 35 in Swift I only seen pictures as they are in another state but I have 2 questions 1. Does any have Swift leather bags or a Kelly how does the leather hold up? Any advice from anyone who owns any Swift leather. 2 Then I wanted to know is 35 Kelly to big for someone 5'2 or 32 size better? Thank u
  2. Swift is a lovely leather, very smooth! It depends what kind of bag you look for, I would not choose it for a workhorse bag but it is gorgeous on a Kelly. What size are your current bags? A 35 Kelly is in the larger end but the perfect size totally depends on your needs. Personally I prefer swift on smaller bags and small leather goods.
  3. Because Swift is a very soft squishy leather it can be more difficult to open and close this Kelly than say a Kelly in Box or Epsom, because the leather gives so much when you are pushing on the parts to open and close. Hope this makes sense.
    35 cm is my favorite size for a Kelly. It is a more casual looking size in my opinion.
  4. I'm a fan of the 35... Perhaps going into H & seeing how the proportion of the 35 will work for you might be a good option.

    I've seen the 35 on petite as well as taller gals & it can work...

    Let us know what youdecide
  5. I just got a K35 Togo and I'm just 5'3 about 120 lbs. I was worried that it will look big and end up it works well.
  6. A Kelly in 35 size feels smaller than a Birkin in 35 because it is a Soft Kelly and the corners are rounded and it smooshes a bit more. A 35 Kelly in swift is lovely. Truly.
  7. Now I want one!!!
  8. it is more about frame and style than height for Kelly size. I am bird-boned and can barely carry off a Kelly 32 but a Birkin 35 looks good. Because the K may be on a strap it hits differing parts of you and is harder to fit than a Birkin. Can you try one on somewhere near you?

    On Swift- personally, I never wanted Swift until I got it and I LOVE it. The colors are saturated, the leather feels like heaven, and so far it has held up amazingly. I am not gentle with my Swift Toolbox, and the only thing that is not immaculate is one scratch from my dog - he pulled it out of a Longchamp looking for treats and even that doesn't show particularly.
    Swift IS a soft, collapsing leather, so a K35 will be a big smooshy bag. It will not have a classic Kelly look because of the lack of structure, but it will be beautiful.
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