Kelly 35 or 40? Opinions Please

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My next Kelly

  1. 35

  2. 40

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hello, everyone.

    After using my 32 Kelly at the airport I find it's a tight squeeze for my things: make up pouch, long wallet, sunnies & long shawl.

    I love the 35 size as it's not too overwhelming but i love the shorter strap on the 40 as it may make things lighter to carry.

    i'm thinking bleu de prusse or raisin.

    I've done visual research but nothing compares to actual users in actual situations.

    What do you guys think?

    thanks, as always!
  2. I vote 35 as I'm the opposite of you and love the look of the longer strap which can also be worn messenger style. But I love the 40 too as I guess it would hold as much as the 35 Birkin whereas my 35 kelly does not. I can do the wallet, sunnies and make up pouch with cell phone and keys but definately no room in there for more!!!
  3. You could ude a 35 and order a shorter strap.
    I love both but only have 32s and 40.
  4. hey costa! we might become size twins! so how is the 40? what do you put in it?

    if you don't mind, how much did you pay for it? can you post pics?


    thanks, syma!
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    I love my 40 Kelly. I think it is most similar in size to the 35 Birkin (as in amount of stuff it can hold). I'm 5'8" and the size is not overwhelming (but someone who is more petite might think it's a little too wide). If you think the 32 Kelly is too small, maybe try upgrading to the 35 Kelly b/c the 40 K is much larger...and heavier. Mine weighs 3.6# empty (vs. the 35 B is 3.4#). I get some serious welts on my arm when I use it...but it's sooo worth it!! :biggrin: I can fit a long wallet, makeup bag, sunglasses (large case), keys, phone, cardigan, pashmina, book, and still have some room in it!
  6. Hi, Baileylab.

    I used to have a 35 Kelly Retourne. Loved everything about it except the size. I had to remove half of my stuff that I normally carry everyday. I recently purchased a 40 Kelly in Graphite and I am sooo loving it.;) Now I have enough space for my stuff and more! I can sometimes throw in a small shopping item and sneak it into my closet without my DH seeing it or else he will start a litany of "shopping too much".:graucho: I vote for a 40!:yahoo:
  7. Gotbighair - loooove your blue kelly 40. 3.6 is kg I presume?

    Thanks, Ms. Priestly.

    I'm usually partial to large bags anyways as i like a very roomy bag. I'm only 5'2 but am not a lithe person so i think i can carry a 40 especially at the airport....
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    Thanks baileylab! I love her to DEATH!!! She's 3.6 pounds empty.
    Girl, if you have a lot of stuff, get the 40 Kelly. I personally think the 35K is too small for everyday use (but I carry a LOT). :P
    A BdP 40 cm Kelly would be GORGEOUS!!!
  9. I vote for 40! I use my Kelly 40 as my everyday bag!!!
  10. can somebody post pics of the inside with your stuff? i know it's an invasion of privacy but pretty please?

  11. can't help you on the size but BdP in a kelly would be beautiful :smile:
  12. 40, the bigger the better IMO;)
  13. Imo, there's not much difference between 32 & 35. A raisin 40 kelly w/canvas strap will be nice, saw a raisin canvas strap (only its strap) recently and it's beautiful.:tender:
  14. thanks, iffah - i wish it came with a canvas strap or a thicker leather one instead of the standard kelly strap

    thanks Loves, Lovely 64
  15. ^You may request your SA to order one.