Kelly 32 vs 35???

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  1. Now I'm getting obsessed with Kelly ... wondering which size is better for Kelly Souple, 32 vs 35. Does anyone have comparing pic between these 2 sizes ?? Action pic would be great!!

    And how hard is it to find my dream Kelly? I'm so in with Etoupe right now :biggrin:

    Thx so much :flowers:
  2. they are both nice,,,
    so it really depends on your style. Iam petite, 5'2'' :smile: 50kg.
    i have a 32 rigid and a 40 cm retourne.
    but i think 32 can be worn day to night, sorry i dont have 35!!:smile:
    i find kelly as easier than birkin to find, i live in europe.
  3. me personally i prefer the 32cm kelly, I think it's better proportion. I had my 35cm etoupe togo kelly,, and waiting for my 32cm rouge h clemence leather kelly.. You can see my kelly on my album collections.. I had problems uploading the pics somehow, don't know why..
  4. Etoupe is still in production and high demand. 32cm is easier to find than 35cm, but certainly not impossible. Rigide looks larger than souple/retourne'. Best bet is to try both on in person. I think the difference in sizes is dramatic. Good luck in your quest! Etoup is a fantastic choice!
  5. luxurybaby,DauphineAlix, oregonfanlisa .... thank you so much for your info. Now it's time to hunt one down!!
  6. A 32 is more versatile imo.
    I have seen both Kelly 32 and Kelly 35 in etoupe (both chevre with PH). They are definitely very beautiful. A 35 doesn't work for me, but I've seen many women rock it. I wish I could do it actually, but I find it hangs too close to the ground on me. If you can try both on, that's the best way to decide.
  7. I also don't have 35cm. I either use 32cm for normal day use or 40cm for travel. Like Tamarind suggested, the best way for you to decide is trying both on.
  8. i am a huge fan of 32 for me that is the perfect size but then again i only use kellys 32 and down the larger sizes while nice on and for some are not the ideal for me for such a classic handbag ( i know i know grace loved 35)
  9. I'm a 35 gal all the way. I had a 32 but it felt too small for me. I am used to Birkins in a 35 so I guess I just like bigger bags. There are some of my pics in the action thread somewhere too for both sizes...
  10. I love 32s. all my Kellies are 32 cm. 35 is ok. I'd probably go for 40 cm next.
  11. i really think you should try it on definately. for me 153cm and 60kgs, i love 28cm rigide or 32 souple. i used to have 35cm souple etoupe, and now i am regretting selling it! i want another 35cm kelly, i am missing it....maybe 35cm in gris T =)
  12. I use from 28 up to 35. IMO 35 is the most chic and fun. 28 proportions are the most ladylike for me. I think a 32 is good also for an all round bag. I like a high impact bag so I say try a 35 and see if you like it.
  13. in the hermes reference guide area there is a thread entitled size reference guide- this will likely be very helpful to you. i have kellys in 28/32/35. 28's are more "refined" and ladylike but can be smallish. 32 is generally a safe size- holds enough but isn't huge. 35 can be big for some people but they are fabulous also-especially in a color that pops. frankly i adore kellys in any size or skin. i think they are exquisite. truly perfection.:heart::heart:
  14. Also, many people use a 32 retourne for all purpose and it works very well. But I have to say that a Kelly 32 sellier is the most gorgeous Kelly to my eye, perfectly proportioned and so elegant. I don't use my 32 sellier as often as retourne, but I love staring at it.
  15. i prefer 32 retourne and i think that size it just right.
    after you hunt yours, reveals and action pix please!