Kelly 32 Sellier

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  1. Hi. I was wondering if anyone out there has a Kelly Sellier 32 in Chevre.
    What is the best leather for a kelly sellier? I am not too keen on the Epsom.
  2. I prefer chèvre and box calf, but of course chèvre is only available via SO. Togo selliers are also cool, but a different look and also usually SO. Sombrero is gorgeous but too delicate for my comfort :smile:
  3. I second QuelleFromage, and actually prefer Box over Chèvre. Box is no longer available, and can only be found on the secondary market.
  4. There is no best leather
    It's just personal preference
    All h leathers are best in their way
  5. Box are still available
    Just lesser in production
    Recently they make cdc kd cartable c in box etc
  6. Thanks for your responses. I was wondering if sellier can be made with Togo? Also I read somewhere that Fjord also makes really good kelly sellier. I really like the structured, clean lines of the sellier and want it in a leather that would give me that. However, I don't want it in Epsom.

  7. I have a sellier Kelly 32cm in Chevre, and I love it as much as my sellier box Kelly. However, if you browse EBay and look at used sellier Kellys in Chèvre or Fjord leathers, you'll see that they can lose the nice straight seam near the bottom corners and start sagging in that area just like a retourne Kelly. l am very careful not to smash, sit on, or over manipulate my Kelly in order to avoid that puddling look, which I really don't like. Even so, I'm already seeing a tiny bit of sagging in one corner. So keep that in mind if you opt for a 32cm Kelly in a leather that softens or relaxes with use (Togo, Chèvre, Fjord, Swift, etc).

    If you're willing to buy used bags, Ardennes might be the perfect alternative to box, especially if you want a grained leather. I don't recall ever seeing a used Ardennes sellier Kelly that lost its structure and straight lines. Good luck!
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  8. I have a Togo Sellier K 35, but this is only available via SO. My first choice was also Fjord, but there was no different colour for the lining possible. Here is a pic: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467577737.475514.jpg
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  9. One thing that changes the nature of a sellier K is whether the leather is smooth (box, Barenia, Sombrero) or grained/embossed (Epsom, chèvre, Togo). IMO both are lovely, but they "feel" different - smooth leather can feel more formal, except for Barenia, which is lovely in a sellier but quite rare (and almost never produced today).

    In current production you will see primarily Epsom, but box and Sombrero do turn up, and every now and then something else finds its way out of the studio.
    ouija board has a lovely suggestion with Ardennes, a beloved leather no longer in production but findable at resale.
  10. absolutely stunning bag!!!
  11. Thank you, carlinha!
  12. This is gorgeous! Is that tosca??? What color is your interior?
  13. Yes, it's Tosca in Togo with interior in Mangue!
  14. Your tosca k35 is gorgeous Kelly_76. The togo looks smooth and veinless. How long have you had it? Looks brand new. Thanks for sharing this unique beauty.
  15. I did a SO for a sellier kelly in Togo this year. This option was not available on previous years at my store. Love the look of a sellier kelly but find it quite hard to get in and out with a softer leather should be better.., however like others mentioned there might be some slouching which I don't mind... My friend has a sellier mou in Togo which is beautiful!!