Kelly 32 or 35?

  1. Hello ladies,

    I am thinking of getting a kelly. I have a birkin 35 and I want to change up a lil . . . but not too much. I would want to use the kelly as an everyday bag and I have a couple of questions.

    Does anyone have pics carrying a 32 and or 35 so I can compare? For the lucky ladies that have both, can you fit most of your stuff in both bags or is the 32 interior alot smaller? Any leather recommendations for a kelly that is durable for everday but still elegant as a kelly should be?

    Thanks in advance
  2. how tall are you candace? i bet 32 and 35 would work both for you!
  3. i am 5'7"+ a lil. I was originally thinking of the 35 due to height, but the Houston boutique said they get them in VERY rarely. They have a 32 blak box now, but I hate to get something and then wish I had waited for the the larger size
  4. candace, I am almost 5'8"/135lbs and own a 32cm Kelly. I find the size is PERFECT for everyday. It fits everything you need and doesn't really get "stuffed" with stuff you don't need like some other bags do (am I making sense?!:nuts:). I went for one in togo (as I am the biggest clutz EVER) and find that it's holding up really well. It can get heavy though :push: but not as heavy as some other bags I own. Here is a pic of me holding mine (I hope this gives you some sort of idea for size):



    kelly5.jpg Kellywithstrap.jpg Kellyhandheld.jpg
  5. I'm 5'6.5" :biggrin:

    As I prefer to wear my Kelly on my shoulders, I went with a 32 Sellier (my DH was the one who found it for me). If I were to wear it on my arms/hands, I'll go with a 35. Hope that helps, the only thing I'm concern about is the clasp that has to deal with all the weight on bigger sizes.

    It holds all my neccessities with no problems.
  6. Hi Candace! Some ladies here love their 35cm Kellys (and we have some beauties on the board) but my favorite size is the 32cm because I like the Kellys to have a smaller, more feminine look.
  7. Cand - Someone had posted a 35cm/40cm with an Evelyne or Bolide strap...I thought looked HOT (this was a retourne though). It looked like a comfy bag to wear.
    Everyday though, a 32 for me. I like sellier/rigid the best, but the BB retourne I just got was something I wanted to wear from casual to dressy. I also have a 28cm sellier, and that goes really well when I have an all day wedding or event.
  8. i find my 35 significantly larger than my 32 -- both are retourne in soft leathers (35 togo, 32 barenia), so there is some give in them. I definitely prefer the 35 version.
  9. I have 3 32 retournè and I'm waiting for a SO 35 box retournè. I'm 5'7 and I find the 32 a tad small....
  10. Candace, the black box kelly is gorgeous! come down and try it out! if it's the rigide/sellier style - the kelly looks a bit bigger!

    both 32 and 35 would look great on you!
  11. Candace...I am 5'3 and a half inches and I love the 35cm. I'm not as skinny as LV Addict so I kind of "swallow" the 32cm in my opinion. It all depends on what kind of "look" you want and how tall/wt you are. Grace Kelly wore the 35cm Kelly and I like that part of history with the Kellys.

  12. OMG I, you look hot with the Kelly. Love!!!

    Imo for Kelly's size with your proportion, 32 cm will be the perfect size but then it depends on your preference to. Like Kellybag said, smaller size looks more feminine plus elegant.
  13. I think it depends on what you want to use her for. OMG - black box, I would jump on that. I think you could pull off either size, though if you already have a 35, a 32 will feel small to you. I also think it depends on what you carry in your bag.
  14. Irene, I love those pics of you, you are stunning. Your neckline-TDF!
  15. OMG words cannot describe how great you look. I think I am leaning towards the 35 now. I am not small framed like Irene. I think this bag fits Irene perfectly. I believe the proportions are perfect on her therefore I think for the proportions to be perfect on me . . . I would need the 35. I do like bigger bags so that I can put a lil extra in if needed. The SA said the kelly 35 is rare, but do you think it is as hard to find as a birkin? I just want to know what I am up against. I am attaching a pic of what I carry in my birkin, do you think it would fint in a 32. I have a large LV zippy wallet that is pretty big. I would go to the houston store to try it out, but my dd (4 is sick) so I am homebound