Kelly 32 black or navy Box leather?

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  1. Please help me decide!
    I have the opportunity to buy a black or a navy K32 with gold hardware.
    Both are vintage and have the same production year and are in nearly the same good condition.

    How would you decide and why?
    Your thoughts and ideas are much appreciated!
  2. What have you own?
  3. Without knowing what bags you have in your collection and what your clothing color pallet is we cannot answer this for you. What I will say is I’m always inclined to go classic black first.
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  4. I have black and Bleu Marine Box bags. I also have Rouge H and Chocolate. Of what I consider to be the classic Box colours I only feel I'm missing Vert Fonce and my (Box) life will be complete.

    So to my mind, it's easier to get black so I'd probably get the 'navy' first if I thought I'd ever want navy. But, If you're going for one and only one, I honestly don't think anything can beat a perfect BBK.
  5. You should buy whichever one jumps out at you. Unless you are going to use frequently and need the bag to fill a specific hole in your bag wardrobe, maybe just get the one you like better. I’m partial to navy blue but I would probably get black unless the blue was jumping out at me.
  6. First: Thank you for your answers so far!!!

    What’s in my wardrobe: I have a black K28 Mou chevre de coromandel SHDW and a K32 Togo Retourné bleu nuit GHDW (and some other Kellys in brighter colors like bleu de france, potiron, jaune d'or, rouge casaque).
    I know, I already have a dark blue K32 but for me these are two absolute different styles (Box sellier vs Togo retourné)

    I love a casual jeans look but with a classic twist- for example combined with a Chanel jacket. But I also like wearing long Boho dress that I sometimes combine with a leather Jacket.
    I really love marine look. Many striped pullovers in my wardrobe.

    I hope this gives you a little impression.
    Looking forward to mor advise! :flowers:
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  7. Oh what a lovely collection. Yes! Vert foncé would make it even more perfect!!
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  8. Both colors will work for is forever classic and navy will be fabulous with Breton tops, jeans, etc. .As much as I love colors in Box, if you plan on only one Box bag, black is hard to beat. Which one do you love more/will you feel sad turning down?
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  9. You have a wonderful collection already.

    Are both the BBK and the navy BK Selliers?
  10. Yes, both selliers
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  11. May I ask which size you prefer for your box kellys and which style (sellier or retourne)?
  12. I had similar bags, a 1980s Bleu Marine 28 Sellier GHW and a BBK L stamp Retourne 32 PHW. I have let the BKK go to a close friend as 32 is too large for me now and she really wanted it. Apart from looking at your collection, if I were you, I would simply buy the bag which I would use more. I myself hardly use Black bags. :heart:
  13. Sellier 32

    I think a navy is much harder to find, so if you're split down the middle go for that first.
  14. I prefer box leather Kelly's in Retourne. They are by nature, a stiffer bag and I like the way the Retourne takes them back a notch or two. I adore my BBK Retourne.
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