Kelly 28cm Price?

  1. Anyone know the cost of Kelly 28cm in Togo Leather w/ Palladium Hardware? Also are the Gold or Paladium Hardware different prices?
    What is the difference between Inside or Outside Stitching? Thanks for Any Info. :flowers:
  2. I saw a Cycl. Kelly 28cm (forgot what type of leather it was) at the Chicago store today, I believe it was $6100. I hope that helps.
  3. What is a Cycl?
  4. It is the Lavender-pinkish color.
  5. Cyclamen is a cross between lavender and fuchsia.

    I just saw a souple Togo/Palladium 28cm Kelly for $5700. $6100 was probably for rigide?

    Gold and Palladium HW are the same price. :smile: