Kelly 28 Sellier

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I wanted to get your advice on the Kelly 28 in Sellier. I recently got the K32 in Retourne and absolutely love it! Between the Birkin and the Kelly, I'm definitely more of a Kelly girl since it fits my lifestyle a little more.

    I was thinking the next Kelly I want to ask for is K28 Sellier but I am a little worried that its too small? A lot of people mention that the Sellier is very difficult to open. Would you think the K32 is a better size than K28 for Sellier?

    Thanks for your input!
  2. It depends on how you want to use your K28. If you're planning to use the bag for running daily errands then it's probably a bit small & too formal to serve that purpose. But if you're planning to use it for going out to dinners or semi formal evening events then I think it would be perfect . Good luck with your decision 😊
  3. It depends on personal taste. Do you like rigid/structure bags (sellier) or more relaxed (retourne)? Personally I prefer K in the retourne style.
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    I have both K32 retourne and Kelly 28 Sellier. I've used them both for day into evening. If I'm going out from home, I will reach for the 28, but if I'm at work with my 32, It's fine for an evening out. I won't wear the 28 Sellier with jeans but that probably because I have many other choices.
    No harm in having both.
    ETA- my K28 is Epsom black Ghw. Fits almost as much as my k32s retournes, except my kelly wallet. I do go with a compact wallet when I carry my K28. It actually measures 29cms.
  5. The size could mean the interior capacity [how much fit inside the bag], and the exterior aesthetic [how it fits your style]. A sellier could look bigger than retourne.

    Ease to open depends on the type of skin. A K32 Epsom could be harder to open due to the rigid nature of the leather.

    I would choose K28 Sellier for variety. :smile:
  6. I have the K28 sellier in black box. It's a formal bag imo.
  7. I have K28 Sellier in anemone. Yes, I found it difficult to open the bag, but I like structured bags so it is fine with me. Sellier is more difficult to find and I love the delicate craftsmanship of the bag.:smile:
  8. I have a K28 Sellier and it fits surprisingly everything I need - full size wallet, small cosmetic bag, and keys with a little room to spare. I typically carry big bags but find the K28 is roomy enough for my essentials and looks great. I agree with the others that having a Sellier would be a nice addition since you have a Retourne. I am the opposite - would love to have a Retourne to round out my K collection. Go for the Sellier!!:smile:
  9. i use my k32r and k28r a lot and not my k32s - simply because the first 2 stay out of their boxes and easily within reach

    k28r is good and carries a lot but you have to be mindful about its capacity
    i was with her yesterday but have a night lecture that i needed to carry notes - i ended up having to carry stuff with my hands...

    doesnt happen with b35 if you ask me lol
  10. I have two box selliers 28cm and several 32 retourners.
    Relatively same ease ( getting in and out) in fact, the selliers are easier to leave open because they have more structure.
    I do wear mine( selliers) with jeans occasionally. They pair well with the jumping boots.
  11. i have a sellier kelly 28. i have no problem opening it or fit all my stuff into it. but the problem is that it is a more formal bag so i can't use it as a daily bag. i think the birkin is more suitable as a daily bag.
  12. I have a sellier and I don't find it hard to open, some people find the Kelly opening in general fussy while others have no problem with it. As far as size, I think it depends, I am not as drawn to a 32 sellier as I am to a 28, it depends on what you like. And I think it's nice to have a smaller bag to save your back. I drag the kitchen sink with me when given an opportunity! :flowers:
  13. The sellier in general feels harder to get in and out of than the retourne, the 28 can work as a day bag if you dont carry much
  14. congrats on your K32 retourne! i agree, it is an amazing bag!

    i didn't think it was possible, but when i got a K28 sellier, i found myself loving this style/size more! granted, it fits less than the K32r, but i find that for my personal daily needs, the K28s fits all i need. yes, the opening was a bit harder to get into at first, but the more i used it, the more i got the hang of it. now, i find both comparable, the sellier not any harder to get in and out of than the retourne.

    you will have to ask yourself what you carry on a regular basis... that's the only way to see if the 28 sellier will be too small for you. i carry a bearn wallet, sunglass case/sunnies, keys, little makeup kit, bastia coin purse, calvi card case, tissues, roll of doggy poop bags and dog treats in mine and it fits perfectly :P:lol:

    by the way, i personally would not do a sellier larger than 28. i think 32 sellier, and definitely 35, are too box-like, bulky, and cumbersome.

    and although sellier can look dressy, i don't think it looks out of place with a more casual outfit! i think whatever outfit you would use a retourne with, you can easily substitute with a sellier and still look great; whereas the converse would not be true (i would not use retourne with a dressier evening outfit)... if that makes any sense.

    so, i hope you go for it, and i hope you will love it as much as i do!
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