Kelly 28 & 32

  1. I have ordered a 28 rigide Kelly in Box but am now unsure of the size. Does anyone have access to give me exact measurements of a rigide 28 and also 32 so I may decide better? I just realized that with a rigide construction the bag will not hold as much as with a softer retourne style.
  2. ^ This is true, especially in the box leather. I don't have exact measurements but try the reference thread/sub-forum.
    What color did you order? :smile:
  3. I'm using my 28cm Chevre Rigide and while it holds everything, I can fit more in my 32cm Chevre Retourne. If you are someone who holds alot in your bag and then tends to throw more in there as the day goes by, I might suggest the 32cm. BTW, I'm 5'3" and 110# and the 28cm looks good on me in Rigide and the 32cm looks good on me in Retourne but would look too big for me in Rigide. HTH!

    I'll measure both bags for you in a sec.
  4. gazoo a 28 holds quite a bit of goods. I do agree with shopmom though...if you tend to hold alot or really acquire things as the day rolls along you should go with the 32.
  5. Here's a very blurry pic of me holding a 28 and 32 both rigid - the black is the 28 - they don't look a whole lot different actually but the 32 holds a lot more -- I'm 5'2" BTW - hth!

    kelly pics 004.jpg
  6. Shoes,

    How long have you owned both your 28cm and 32cm rigide Kellys? One is a chevre and the other a box, right? If both were in box, do you think size matter when you consider the slouch factor?
  7. ^ her 32 is lovely blue Roi ostrich...:smile:
  8. Ooops! Pardon me! Blur picture, blur eyes I have. So sorry!
  9. ^ no worries - I just look at this bag often in the ref. thread because it's my favorite ostrich shade. TDF!
  10. I ordered a basic black. I thought for a "first" Kelly one cannot go wrong with black. I already have a black 35cm Birkin but wanted a Kelly too as one cannot truly compare them, they are so different in their own way.

    BTW, I tried searing in the reference thread/sub-forum for measurements but didn't find any specifics. Can anyone direct me?
  11. gazoo, I just love the look of a classic 28cm sellier/rigide black box Kelly. If you're short like me, it's perfect. And it can go from day-into evening so well.
    This is going to be a more formal Kelly, so I'd just use it for what it can do. Since you have the Birkin, use that when you need a lot of room and use the smaller, daintier Kelly for more formal events (but, oh how I love it with jeans, too!)
  12. Good advice GT. I'd definately get the 28cm Rigide for a black Box Kelly really is the PERFECT day to night bag. You can dress it up or down...jeans, white shirt, heels or jeans, sweater, boots....doesn't matter. That bag will rock with whatever you choose to wear unless you decide to do your day in head to toe sweats and running shoes!