Kelly 25 vs Kelly 28

  1. Is the Kelly 25 super tiny? I've never seen one in the flesh.

    Would a Kelly 25 retourne be as roomy as a sellier 28?

    Are Kelly 25's easier to come by than the 28's?

    Do any of you have Kelly 25's and if so how do you like it? How tall are you? I am 5' 2 3/4" and want a Kelly that is proportionate to my size, and smaller in range than my 35cm Birkin. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. gazoo, I can only say purchase a 28. I feel a 25 is just too small for you and your size. I also feel as you age a 28 will work better for you.

    I would only purchase smaller bags in my 20's and now regret that I did so despite me being petite.

    I feel you will transcend time better with a 28, BUT that is just my opinion!
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  3. 25 to me is more like an evening bag. more formal.
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  4. It is all a matter of perspective, isn't it? I love the 25cm Kelly (I am *almost* 4'10") and find it is big enough for all my needs as a day bag. I had a 28cm but found it too big and too heavy (it was porosus croc) and the few things I carried in it just rolled around inside. But, I can even carry a 20cm as a day bag, so perhaps my advice should be discounted.... :confused1:
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  6. Oh lavan THANK YOU! I'd forgotten that your precious one was a 25. Do you think you can fit all of that stuff because it's a retourne? Does a retourne in your leather stay stiff or will it relax with time? I prefer the really stand up look of the rigide but yours looks very "at attention" and not slouchy.
  7. Thanks gazoo. I do believe that I can fit the things because it is retourne. It's not bulky at all. My bag is chevre mysore and it should be able to keep its shape somehow even though chevre mysore is softer than chevre de coromandel.
  8. Wow! La Van your bag is beautiful you carry it well.I never would of thought a 25 could carry so much. It looks perfect on you.
  9. HAHa, La.V, you're really something, how you made it? never thought 25cm can hold so many stuff, the umbrealla:roflmfao:
  10. Bigger is always better.
  11. I am five-one and have a 28 Kelly. I won't go any smaller than that, unless you are looking for an evening bag.
  12. Gazoo, we are almost the same height (you are 1/4 inch taller, lucky you). I love my 25cm Kelly. I have a raisin retourne that I just bought very recently and I have been taking her everywhere. The bag fits nicely in the crook of the arm, and I also like it with the strap worn messenger-style as it frees my hand and makes me feel young. I love it especially for going out to dinner because I don't need to get another chair for my bag, and it's so refreshing to have a bag be light and small. I can put it on the chair right next to my leg and the handle doesn't come up so high that I can't drape the napkin over. I have worn it with everything, from jeans to nice dresses to shorts and fitted polo shirts. I can fit quite a lot in it, but it wouldn't be my all-day bag. So I agree with others that a 28 would be more versatile. I have a 32 but not 28, and I am looking for a 28 next!
  13. LaVan, I love the way you model your bags. They're always complimented nicely with the right outfits and shoes. I used to think that my next Kelly would have to be a 32 but I've changed my mind. It'll be either a 25 or 28.:yes:

  14. It sounds beautiful. Have you posted pictures of her yet???? What leather is she? Do show, please please please??!?!?!
  15. Kelly 25 cm holds more than it looks. I have a Kelly 25 cm as well. This is how much my Kelly can hold, and there is still some space for a pair of sunglasses.:flowers:
    Kelly2.jpg Kelly3.jpg