Kelly 25 Sellier anyone - how do you like it?

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  1. Dear All,

    I am waiting for my order of Kelly 25 Sellier in lizard. Since I never actually hold it, I have no idea how small it is...
    Is it bigger than JPG pochette or smaller? (I was considering one, but choose to go with Kelly 25 instead)
    What does it fit inside?
    I would be grateful to know.
    Thank you in advance,

  2. elena - i just got mine in lizard bleu brighton. i love it but i have yet to use it. it's a bit bigger than the kelly pochette. i'll try to fit my stuff in it and see if i can take pics. it'll fit a bit more than a pochette but if its the stiff sellier lizard, it'll probably carry the same amount, i think.
  3. I tried orange lizard sellier Kelly 25cm before. It was beautiful!!!!!!!! However, it didn't hold much for me:sad:..much less than Birkin 25cm. I think sellier structure gives you less space...There is no question how beautiful lizard Kellys are though:love::flowers:
  4. Thank you for replays, Pazt and Aspenmartial!

    Pazt, the pics would be great. Congratulations with your little beauty, it's divine!
    BB is a very sophisticated color in lizard.

  5. elana, it depends on whom you to whether they think the Kelly 25 holds a lot. I use it as a luncheon/evening bag and carry the rest of my essentials inside another bag.

    It holds my Hermes man's style folded wallet ( fairly thick when folded) my cloth glasses case, and small LV zipped key holder...tissues, etc. I can slide my cell phone in if I move things around little but that's all I can get inside my 25.

    I have a friend who is a member of this board who also loves the Kelly 25 and seems to get more inside hers.....but she does have a magic way with the smaller Hermes bags:yes:

    As to how do I like it?? very very very very.......
  6. I have a cdc 25 kelly which I use quite often. Not only as an evening bag, but as a day bag messenger style with my toddler in tote. It really holds a lot.

    I took these pics this morning to show you what's inside my little framboise kelly today.

    Mobile phone
    digital camera
    vibrato coin purse
    Barenia pouche for makeup, tissues and keys
    mini photo frame
    Jaune clarissa gm as a wallet
    lilac agenda
    dd's anpanman book
    action framboise.JPG
    IMG_1650_edited.jpg IMG_1652_edited.jpg
  7. This is my favorite Kelly style. It's gorgeous and from LTC's pictures it looks like it holds a lot. :smile:
  8. ltc, what a gorgeous gorgeous Kelly 25!! It looks fabuous on you! Like the way your lengthened the strap.
  9. LTC,

    Thanks a million! You are so very kind, thank you for posting the pictures!

    I love your little Kelly, framboise is such a rare color, it's a treasure.
    It's great to know that this beauty can hold so much, and quite comfortably.
    I'm planning to use mine during a day as well, and I specially like this petit bag with a shoulder strap. It looks very nice on you messanger style.

  10. licencetocook,

    Love your kelly. :heart::heart::heart: Framboise is such a beautiful color.

    I laughed seeing the anpanman book inside.

    I feel like getting a breloque charm too, to extend the strap of my future kelly. I've seen them in paladium, ruthenium & gold. But who knows what hardware will my future bag be. :confused1:

    thanks for the pictures!
  11. Would absolutely love one some day. The size is gorgeous. LTC-Love the pictures, thanks so much!
  12. LTC fabulous Kelly! I wear my Kelly 25 messenger style a lot too.
    Love your lilac agenda. What a gorgeous color.
  13. Great reference pictures!!
  14. PazT, your new lizard 25cm is stunning!

    L2C, I adore your CdC 25cm, the color really pops.

    Of course, since I can easily fit everything I carry in a 20cm Kelly (:p), I find the 25cm perfect for day or evening. While it does hold much less than the 25cm Birkin (which holds almost as much as the 30cm Birkin), the 25cm Kelly is such a great size and shape! Elana, I think you will love it in lizard.:flowers:

    My 25cm sellier is also CdC (vermillion with gold h/w) and I really love it!
  15. You look so cute with your small Kelly. That's amazing how much you can fit in it! I have that same vibrato coin purse... don't ya just love it!! I haven't seen another one just like it before... we're coin purse twins! :smile: