Kelly 20cm

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  1. Is this a real Kelly 20cm? I saw this in a Japanese website and it's squarish - whereas in the 4th picture (where the crocodile Kelly is authentic) it looks wider.

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  2. The 4th picture is of the Kelly pochette (aka JPG Kelly), a different bag entirely than the other 3 you posted.
  3. Whoa! small and cute!
  4. Adorable for all the slim ladies out there.
  5. HG is right (as always). They all look good (authentic, as well as totally yummy!) to me.
  6. Actually, the 4th picture looks more like a Kelly 15cm (Mini Mini Kelly). I have side-view pics of both the JPG Kelly and the 15cm and this one has the proportions of a 15cm. Adorable. I'd love a 15cm in croc one day.
  7. Thank you for sharing that fact with me, HG.
  8. The fourth picture has a regular Kelly handle attachment....with what looks like gold h/w. A JPG Kelly clutch has no hardware on the handle. These runway pics, tho, are always hard for me to figure out....I feel sometimes on runway, the models might be carrying a "one of a kind" piece that I am just not familiar with. Also, look at the proportions of this runway piece because when you compare it to the JPG Kelly clutch, it is just proportioned a little differently.

    Below is a pic of the JPG Kelly clutch showing proportions....several of our board members have these and probably have better pics than this one.

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  9. Hi 24, Faubourg. 15cm?! Wow, I didn't know they make Kellys smaller than 20cm. Yes, a fuschia croc would be nice... :drool:
  10. Exactly, isus. The pic of the 4th Kelly shows a bit of gold on the top. The JPG Kelly doesn't even have hardware on the handle. It is also a little deeper than the 15cm. I have a pic of a JPG Kelly at a side/angle view and it looks even longer than the one in the 4th pic.
  11. They sure do, ejs! They're very rare and I don't think they're in regular production but they can probably be SO'ed. It's really adorable and compared to the 20cm its proportions are more similar to the larger Kellys! I have a picture of Demi Moore carrying one in black croc/silver HW!
  12. Yeah, it does look "one-of-a-kind," isus. The black clutch that you posted - perhaps from the angle that it was shot - looks thicker on the top than the one in the runway.
  13. The 15cm one could be used as a substitute for a minaudière/ evening clutch. Cuteness in elegance.
  14. 24F, you're right.:yes: I missed the hardware there.
  15. Oh, that mini Kelly in croc on the runway model is just stunning!!!! Oh to have one some day! Oh to have an event to actually USE it some day!!!!!

    ....I live a very casual life.......if my regular Croc Kelly makes it out of her sleeper it's a big day.............