Kelly 2+ Months' Old & Stitching Coming Out :(

  1. I can't believe this has happened!! Yesterday I looked at my Kelly and noticed that the stitching is coming out!! :crybaby:

    I bought her from an H boutique in early December 2007. She has been handled with "kid gloves" ever since. She rides in a car seat in the car, she sits on a white towel on my entry hall table and on white tissue in my cabinet at work. She is in perfect condition otherwise! I haven't even had her 3 months yet.

    What are my options here? Can this sort of issue be fixed in the U.S. or does she need to go to Paris? Do I handle this directly with H NYC or through my SA? I don't have a boutique in my city, so it's not like I can just drop by there with this issue.

    I'm afraid to even use her now as it seems like the stitching is the type that if one stitch pulls out all stitches will come out. I'm not sure but it seems like it might be that way.

    Your thoughts ... advice ??

    Here are pics:


  2. Based on what I've seen on how the bags are stitched, I don't think if one comes out they all will, but it's probably a good idea to call the nearest boutique and ask what the process is for repairing it. Sorry this has happened and good luck with it!
  3. Back to your boutique, let your SA handle it. They either give you a replacement or fix it in a way that it looks like new BUT PRONTO!

    I really think this whole expansion thing and all those new craftsmen is taking its' toll on quality.

    And KG - of course I am very sorry it has happened to you, I know how long you have been waiting for this bag!
  4. I think you can still use the bag before getting it repaired.

    Hermes bags are stitched with 2 separate threads. the stitching will not unravel if one thread snaps.

    If I were you, I'd continue using it while calling the boutique where you bought it from, for advise on how to proceed with getting it fixed.

    What do the rest of you think? Can Claude in Hermes NYC fix this?
  5. NO WAY Kallie Girl!!!
    That is just bloody awful!!
    I know H will probably sort it out. but it scares me that this can happen.
    This sort of thing freaks me out, I know some people will say, well this happens, but still I dont expect it to happen to a £3k+ plus bag.
  6. Kallie Girl I am so so so sorry ((((Hugs)))) :crybaby: I would take it back immediately, and I would not use it before you get it in because not using it (to me) stresses how horrifying this is to you. KG I mean not using it stresses to H how awful you feel (I know you are sick). So sorry again!
  7. Thanks so very much for your thoughts, everyone. [​IMG]

    This morning I took my rainbow out of my Kelly and put everything in my Evelyne. :sad: Thank goodness for reliable ole Evelyne!
  8. Kallie Girl, If I were you, I would be on the phone screaming at my SA right now.

    That sort of flaw is completely unacceptable for what that bag costs, and as far as I'm concerned, Hermes should be embarrassed that something like this has happened. There is just no reason for a bag of this caliber to come apart at the seams like that!

    I would call your SA, and get it to them ASAP!

    I'm so sorry this has happened to you!
  9. I have personally seen Claude re-stitch bags at his workshop in NYC. The bag will not fall apart due to this stitch. Keep using it until you can have it fixed. Just request that it be done quickly so you do not have to wait months! Good luck and sorry.
  10. Kallie Girl, I'm so sorry you are having this problem with your kelly! I am sure that it can be fixed, and I hope you get her back quickly!
  11. I wouldnt use it until it gets fixed. This way they see how pristine it is and that the stitching was simply a defect. It had nothing to do with the handling or use of the bag. I'd make it doesnt get treated like a normal repair though. It should be done a.s.a.p.
  12. Oh, I am so sorry, how disheartening! But fear not, I am sure they will make it right. If I were you, I would call my SA ASAP. I wouldn't use the bag in the interim - you don't want to give them an opportunity to say that the issue is due to wear. (Don't know how they could even think that after 3 months, but still...) I would also be prepared when you talk to the SA to tell her what it is you want. I would ask them to send Fed Ex or someone out to pick up the bag and send it wherever it needs to go and Fed Ex it back out to you. I would also tell them that you would expect that a brand new bag like this should either be bumped to the top of the repair list or replaced ASAP. You shouldn't have to wait more time before you have your bag because of a defect in the original workmanship. I know you feel terrible, but they will make it right and you will have your beauty back again soon so that you can properly enjoy it!
  13. Kallie Girl!!! I am so sorry sweetie! Definitely let your SA handle this!!!!
  14. oh, i'm sorry this happened to you. i hope H will fix it for you quickly.

    i've just discovered that one of the stiches on my kelly has come undone just like yours. mine is on the top, where the handle bit meets the flap. mine is more likely due to her age (50yrs) and i'm scared to use her now in case the handle bit comes off. i called H in montreal and they told me to bring her in...and they'll send her to paris for 2-3months.

    however, i don't think this should have happened to your new kelly that is only 2mths+.

  15. KallieGirl...this is just so horrible! I know how much you love your Kelly and she is really beautiful, too! I am sure H will make things right for you as quickly as possible! Please keep us posted on progress with the repair! (((hugs))) hNe