Kellog's Special K diet...

  1. Any of you tried it? You replace 2 meals a day with Special K and eat 1 regular meal. With exercise, you lose 10 lbs. in 4-6 weeks (I think) Is it healthy for you?
  2. I have always wanted to try it too, I really love Special K, I can see how you can lose weight quickly as you would be consuming a lot less calories than usually.

    Has anyone tried it?
  3. I have not tried it, but I really like the Vanilla Almond version of Special K. I think I could eat that twice a day for 4-6 weeks.
  4. I am curious about this too. I love cereal and Special K is pretty good. I wonder if it would actually do anything for me though??
  5. My six year old son told me if I want my waist to look like his I need to do the Special K diet. I almost died!!!

    I think I would be hungry on this diet. If you really see what one portion is- it is tiny.
  6. I agree what Kellybag said. You'd be hungry. Also, I don't believe it would be a good way to do a long-term weightloss of 10lbs. Maybe a quick fix to fit into a dress here and there, but I'm a firm believer that nothing beats a diet made up of healthy, balanced foods. The first week on my diet I lost 6.5lbs and week two I lost an additional 3lbs. You can get 10lb. results but still eat enough to not be hungry just by choosing the right foods and you don't have to limit 2/3 meals to Special K :o) *shrug*
  7. My son, 10 yo, told me after I came back from running the other day that my belly was still squishy, and maybe I should go jogging again. Isn't that uplifting?
  8. It's basically a calorie-restricting diet. You will lose weight, but you will feel hungry though. Like many have said.... eat healthy, and eat plentiful fruits and veggies, cuz those can be arranged in ways that are sooooooooo yummy!
  9. tln LOL, Coachkatie congrats..I could never eat twice a day just cereal, I would croak. Does it give you all the nutrients & vitamins you need daily? B/C I work out alot & I would hate to pass out!
  10. In my opinion, it's too restrictive. I'd be starving all day :Push: Sure, you'd lose the weight, but when you go back to your normal eating habits, you might gain most or all of it back. There really is no "quick fix" when it comes to weight loss. The best thing to do is to adopt healthy eating and exercise habits and make it a lifestyle, not something temporary :biggrin:
  11. LOL aren't kids so sweet?!

    Perhaps it would be good just for breakfast, but not breakfast and lunch.
  12. I did a few years ago and lost weight easily... I had it for breakfast and lunch then donner at night plus fruit & yoghurt as snacks throughout the day... I went down about 2 dress sizes in about 6 weeks.Its hard to keep up though. I didnt have special K, i just had 2 types of cereal, just for variety
  13. It may work, but I bet restricting your calories that much would work no matter what the food. If you read the fine print about how much cereal and milk you can do with the "diet", you will see why. I don't think it is healthy- you are missing out on so many great and *needed* nutrients by doing it. And once you stop, my guess is that the pounds will come right back on quickly..
  14. I thought it was quite good and I was eating about 1500 calories a day which is not starving yourself. I think the best thing about it is to control your fat intake as cereal is low fat. If you have a problem with portion control it is good. I normally had weetabix in the morning then rice krispies at lunch just becuase you get more for your 30 grammes. (i need quantity).
    I must add that breakfast cereal is my all time fav. food (more then chocolate or crisps) so it wasnt too much of a hardship.
  15. I feel like this is just a marketing gimmick from Kelloggs to increase their sales of Special K. It's like a crash diet, that will work in short term, but not for long.