Kelli's small but HAPPY, growing LV family

  1. Hi all! Here's my tiny but growing collection. I don't have much money (I'm a poor college student). Every penny I get it spent on LV

    Here's my first. It's a Speedy 30. My boyfriend got it for me on Christmas '04.
    That was 2 years ago when I wasn't obsessed... weeeelllll this past Christmas got it going. I had NO idea my just turned fiance was going to get me another Vuitton, but he did and here it is:
    When I got it I was thinking about exchanging it for another one, but it grew on me the next couple of days :smile: Well theeennn I just HAD to have more so on New Years Eve I begged for this...
    and I got it... now I owe my fiance $$$ A few days later I needed another accessory, so I drove to New Orleans and bouuugghgght THIS:
    a Damier 4 Key Holder. I ALWAYS loose my keys and ever since I got this... NO key has been lost! ;)

    This one is currently on a layaway type plan thingy... I should be finished paying for it in a few weeks...
    It's the Conte de Fees Pochette!!!

    YAY! Enjoy!:sweatdrop:
  2. thanks for sharing!
    what a nice fiance you have :smile:
  3. Lovely collection :smile:
  4. great collection! Thanks for sharing
  5. lovely collection you got so far, and yeah, your pennies sure help you get your lovely goodies..
  6. Cute stuff!
  7. Great collection, I love the Conte de Fees! : )
  8. Great the groom!
  9. You have a great collection for being in college! I just bought my first piece when I was 30!:yes: Beautiful pieces!
  10. nicee! thanx for sharing! :yes:
  11. Great collection.. love the Denim baggy PM!
  12. Love the Conte de fees!
  13. great collection!
  14. very nice!
  15. Great collections.