Keira-Skinny or skipping meals?

  1. I love Keira Knightly. She's cute, has good roles & has that lovely accent. What I don't love is the gaunt. Is it made worse because she is not wearing makeup? I understand the chubby face syndrome (always a chubby face no matter how skinny, ala Kate Bosworth) but at what point does one think that skeletor is a good look?
  2. She has always been so thin... may just be the picture :shrugs:
  3. loving the little Anya Hindmarch bag. So funny, these retail at 5 pounds and are currently selling on eBay for 140 pounds. Madness....

    sorry back to Kiera, I agree, she has always been v slim, but I think she was shockingly thin at the pirates of the carabean premiere and seems to have not gained any :sad:

    She is gorgeous, but v v fragile and thin (her hair also looks unhealthy in this piccie)

    I hope she is looking after herself, in Love Actually, she blew me away with her on screen gorgeousness :sad:
  4. She was skinny, but not THAT skinny, I think she should eat!
  5. I think it's just a bad picture. She has seemed to be skinny for the last couple of years (even in bend it like beckham days). I think she's gorgeous but probably could eat a little more.
  6. i don't like her... but i think she's naturally skinny.
    i eat a lot! sometimes more than my bf like 5 times a day, but sometimes i only eat once a day because i'm just not feeling hungry. i never gained weight. i was under 80 lbs during high school, now i'm 28, my body getting bigger naturally, but never weighted more than 90 lbs. and i'm 5'4"
    my friend eat a lot ALL her life, but as skinny as me.

    and i also have a friend who don't eat as much as i do, but she's always over weight.

    i don't believe in stigma that skinny were hungered their self and fatties eat more than other people.
    some are genetics.
  7. She has always been built that way, I don't think she's starving herself, its just her body type.
  8. I think she has a weight problem
  9. You know, I read an interview with her sometime within the last 2 years in which she talks about how she'll never be as scarily bony-skinny as so many Hollywood starlets and that she was born with a bigger frame, and that she was totally fine with that. And now, here she is, suddenly looking all gaunt. She *definitely* used to look curvier.

    So, I'm gonna have to guess and say she is probably skipping meals
  10. I think its just the angle of this picture.
  11. She is very high cheekboned and has sharp bone structure, but I do think she is too thin, also I think her legs are naturally not in proportion to her body, ie. they are quite 'chunky' so I think she slims to keep her legs lean!
  12. Yeah I agree with you.
  13. After seeing her in the Gucci bronze metallic dress for the Pirates premiere last year, I do think she's not being as healthy as she could be. I'm sure she's a naturally skinny person, but there's a difference between skinny and healthy.
  14. I agree..
  15. This is my body type too. I do see her taking it a little overboard by focusing on her thighs to the detriment of the rest of her body & face. I just hope she doesn't become one of those bobbleheads.