Keira Knightly bag? Am I making this bag up?

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  1. Does anyone remember a bag called the Keira bag/purse or the Keira Knightly bag/purse? I saw a picture of this bag about 2yrs ago. It was not a purse she had but the purse was named after her. It was kinda hobo style and had ruffles on the front side. The picture I remember was all leather green color. Very cute. So am I crazy or does someone remember this bag and who made it? For some reason Hayden Harnett comes to mind...not sure...or another company that begins with "H". Guess I always want what I can't have...or at least can't find...I knew this was the best place to ask b/c you gals can find a bag! :biggrin:
  2. do you mean this bag?

    it's made by mulberry :smile: