Keira Knightley's bag for the couture show?

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  1. Anyone know the name of the bag Keira Knightley wore at the chanel 09 couture show?
    I think it might be the reissue camera bag in medium in maybe gold,black metallic? Also, if someone has the stylenumber I would so grateful:yahoo:

    Thanks in advance!:heart:
  2. Keira's is the reissue camera case in black metallic, with black h/w (the black met. only came with black h/w), medium size.
  3. Yes, reissue camera in black metallic,BHW M size!
  4. Thanks so much! :heart: does anyone have a stylenumber??
  5. that is a great bag! her look is so well put together in that picture.
  6. i love that bag, i wonder if its still available? I dont think ive ever seen one like that. ive seen the white flap with blk hw only.
  7. the style number is 40011
  8. Love the camera reissue, gorgeous!!~
  9. that bag is gorgeous!