Keira Knightley Style Thread

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    in here to me ! she look faaab :nuts:



  2. ... I'm in the US as well, and I've always liked Keira. I think she's a fantastic actor, she is gorgeous, she may have a weird style but I think that makes her more likeable. Also, I've never seen her be outright rude and hostile, maybe if she is bombarded by paps, but never in interviews and what not...
  3. subscribing. i absolutely love her, regardless of style! but she does have great style, of course :biggrin:
  4. @lowcarb - I'm also in the US and have never heard of Keira being described the way you said... but I like her style and watch her trends on Coolspotters.
  5. What complete nonsense: she is *not* viewed as "obscene" in the US. Let's move on with more lovely pictures.
  6. I've always liked Keira and I loved her in Pride and Prejudice which is one of my favorite movies. She has great style as well.
  7. I can't see the pics :sad:

  8. same. honestly, i have no idea what lowcarb's comment is in reference to. :confused1:
    keira gets press here when she has a movie coming out, and that's about it. i don't think she's perceived negatively here at all, she flies under the radar and i don't think ppl have ever really reacted negatively to anything she's said or done.
  9. Huh? I'm in the U.S. and have never heard people describe her that way. If anything, I know a lot of people see her as this younger Kate Winslet/Rachel Weisz hybrid mixed in with a tomboy, one-of-the-boys (like Cameron Diaz) attitude.

    When it comes to inelegant or obscene, I tend to think of Lindsay Lohan or something.

    Anyway, I love her style. Keep the pics coming!
  10. I love Keira! :smile: I thought she was great in 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'The Duchess'. I also loved the Coco Mademoiselle ads, she is so classy!
  11. i absolutely love her. She's a great actress, and a very beautiful girl. I love her style as well! Please keep those pics coming! :smile:
  12. I love her style!! i have been searching for a celebrity that i can look up too concerning fashion. ^-^ from my opinion, the clothes is cute, effortless and has a touch of elegance.
    Lately, i think everyone is wearing the same thing and are following the «in» thing.

    i was surprised about the harsh comment on her. I always love her as an actress, i'm not sure about her personality but being a hollywood star isn't a charity event where you are nice to everybody =P

    some pics!!


    this pic i particuly love


    cute coupple !!! =^-^=


    just elegant and classsic ..... ^^
  13. Thanks for the pics and for the link, iloverien! :smile:
  14. She so beautiful, talented and stylish!! :love: