keiko lynn and cocoa nikki

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  1. #1 Feb 10, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2010
    do you girls follow keiko lynn? shes a blogger from brooklyn and im an occasional reader. she makes her own clothes and has quite a unique style but imagine my surprise when i saw her wearing a nikki! and it looks to be the cocoa linear with antique silver.

    its the february 4th entry. oh and the 2nd as well it looks like.

    check it out
  2. I like that cocoa LS Nikki! :drool: I plan on getting one once it's officially out...
  3. That's the brown Linear Stud Nikki, I have it!!:yahoo:
  4. yep, i love keiko lynn's blog, and i have some of her clothes! that's a really pretty nikki!
  5. i like her!!!!!!!!!!! and i love those shoe clips in the first blog .... love the color of that nikki too!
  6. I don't read her blog but I will now! She looks really good with the brown Linear Stud Nikki, makes me want one too!!!
  7. She's very pretty. . . is it wrong though that I wanted close-ups of just the bag and not the girl????
  8. Thanks for the link... I've never seen her blog before but put it in my favorites... Love the Nikki! I think it's cute how she is so careful when carrying it because usually she's clumsy and spills stuff. But I guess if its a loaner she doesn't want to have to pay for it..
  9. Wow I love her style!! I could totally never pull off any of those outfits but they work on her!! Love that nikki! Cocoa isn't really the shade of brown I thought it would be (at least not in the pics)
  10. Yea I posted this picture a few days again in the 2010 thread I have followed her for a her style
  11. The Cocoa Brown Nikki is really a beautiful shade of brown and it really is what cocoa at least the brand I buy looks like. Just lovely.
  12. I like that blog.... I love reading fashion blogs (bookmarking it now)

    And I love the color of that Nikki... cocoa is pretty!
  13. another blogger i like, emily of cupcakes and cashmere, won this past week's tweet my bag contest, so we'll see her with a new RM soon (she already has a bbw mab and i think a neon fling).
  14. ^^ ive seen cupcakes and cashmere too and i think its a neon yellow MAC. keiko lynn is really cute but u guys should see her boyfriend hes soooooooo cute =P
  15. ^yeah, i think you're right about the mac. and yep, keiko's bf is super cute. i like the pictures they take together.