Keifer Sutherland repoted to jail today

  1. Starring ... Inmate #1085109!

    Posted Dec 5th 2007 9:30PM by TMZ Staff
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    [​IMG]Here is the booking photo of Kiefer Sutherland from the Glendale City Jail. The "24" star checked in tonight to do 48 days for a DUI conviction.

    He'll spend his birthday, Christmas and New Years in the slammer.

    As for what he brought with him to jail, we're told reading material and underwear. The jail, fortunately, does not provide unmentionables. Now you know.

  2. I am sure Jack Bauer will be just fine in least I hope.
  3. 48 days is a LONG time.
  4. it is for him because I would be so upset to be spending my birthday, chritmas and new years in jail. But then I'm a sensible gal and I NEVER drink and drive- so he did the crime it's right that he serves his time!
  5. Is it really wrong for me to think he looks pretty hot in a mug shot??!! :wtf:

    On topic, I hope he learns something. It seems like he needs help w/ his history of prior issues w/ alcohol/drugs that I've read about.
  6. haha no not at all...he is hot! He is Jack Bauer!!

    He has had problems with drugs and alcohol since the 80's hopefully, for his sake and for the sake of his kids, this will be the push to keep him clean!
  7. He'll probably out in less than 48 days due to overcrowded jail conditions.

    However, I think it's rather stupid of him to be drunk driving, as I'm sure he's got enough money to hire a driver whenever he wants. Same thing with Paris, Britney, Lindsey, Nicole, Mel and all these other Hollywood actors/celebrities that have been popped for DUI lately. :tdown:
  8. Actually I heard that his lawyer said that there is no overcrowding at the jail he is in and he will serve the full sentence since he not only had another DUI but he violated his probation. I guess time will tell though.
  9. apparently DUIs are the "in" thing for celebrities!

    why dont they just get a driver? :nogood:
  10. he does look good int hat photo! haha.
    48 days is extremely long... i efel like all celebs are sentenced for around that time but somehow always get out for i guess "good behavior".

    I really hope he comes out before then though!!
  11. awww he does look hot lol. I wouldnt mind frisking him on a daily basis! :biggrin:

    On a serious note, hes a bad boy, but hopefully, this will be the shock he needs to keep him from potentially killing somebody on the road whilst drunk.
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