Keeping Your Maiden Name

  1. For those who are married, did you keep your maiden name or did you take your husbands name ?

    For those who are not yet married, do you have any thoughts on what you would like to do ?

    Do any of you follow traditions ?
  2. Not married.. and when it does happen, I intend to keep my name. I don't see why I should change MY name. Or if we do the hypenated thing-- then I think both of us should do it. Not just me.

    I guess I'm not big on traditions!
  3. Took my husbands name. Its the only traditional thing we did.
  4. I'm not married, but I will take my husband's name (unless it's super weird, LOL!). I'm traditional that way. I won't hyphenate, but will probably use two last names, as in Jane Smith Williams. But I won't be militant about having to use both of them all the time, if you know what I mean.

    I have a friend who still goes by her maiden name at work because that's how everyone knows her professionally. Outside of work, she uses her married name.
  5. I'm not sure yet. It depends on what the last name is. I've written my BF's last name out quite a few times with my name and it looks bad when it's hyphenated, so I may just take his name completely. I guess I'll decide for sure when it happens.
  6. I have a few opinions on this. lol.

    My maiden name is Italian, unique and I love it, so I didn't want to lose it, but it was important to me to take my DH's name cuz I feel it symbolizes that you are family.

    Hypenating it really wasn't an option cuz DH's name is also Italian and that would be too long and difficult for most ppl to say. Plus I don't really care for hypenating, not sure why....

    So I replaced my middle name with my maiden name and took my DH's name as my last name. I use my middle initial all the time so feel that my maiden name is still an important part of my name

    I actually know a few women that have done this :yes:
  7. I find this a very interesting question as this is not done in Iceland, that is women never take their husbands name, so I've always been a bit curious about this. Our last names depend on either the fathers or the mothers first name with an added son or daughter depending on the gender. Well 99% of the time it's the fathers name but it is getting more common that women use their own.
  8. I took my husbands last name. I felt it was a major part of expressing we are a family now.
  9. I didn't want to take his name at first (I was 22 at the time and always wanted to go against everything). Then I wanted to use both. At the end I changed my mind and took his name. I didn't want to be the only one in the family with a dif. last name after we had kids!:nuts: I am glad I did!:yes:
  10. i have my own last name and dd has my last name. dh had established his name, professionally, otherwise he would have changed his last name to mine.
  11. If/when I get married I am DEFINITELY taking my husband's name. I love tradition, and I think that keeping the maiden name or hyphenating is too women's-rights-y. I want to belong to him. I also want to take it because I do not love my father and I don't want to have his last name. By taking my husband's last name, I would feel like I have been freed from my past, and that it would symbolize the fact that I now have a man in my life who truly loves and understands me.
  12. I probably will take my husband's name. The only reason why I wouldn't take my husband's name is if by the time I get married I'm already well established in my career and it would be hard to change my name.
  13. I'm getting married in July and I intend to take my fiancee's last name.
  14. I figured I"d legally keep my maiden name and not switch to his, and then outside of anything legal/professional I'd probably just use his last name. I like my last name, the history behind it, where as my bf's is pretty common. I wouldn't care if people said Mrs. His name and referred to me like that, but it just won't be like that legally. DOes that make sense? I had family friends that did that and it seems like it has worked out well.
  15. I never had a middle name, and I'm one of the last people in my immediate family with my maiden name, so I made my maiden name my middle name and I took my husbands last name.