Keeping Your Light-Colored MJ Clean

  1. So I went to Nordies to buy a chloe edith in maize... which is a light yellow color. I absolutely love this bag and was thrilled when it came out because I thought it was a great alternative to a butter yellow MJ (I have an MP and an elise, don't care for the blake or classic hobo, and don't like buying the same bag 2x)

    Anyway while I had it in my hands, a bright white caught my eye. The Venetia! Guess I am truly an MJ girl. An SA approached me and I told her I wanted it. She went to get it from the back and I started thinking, what if it becomes filthy? Obviously I won't be able to use it on a day to day basis. But I would like a light colored bag for spring. Then I started thinking, what if I regret my purchase and wished I got the chloe instead? But paying 1310 instead of 1275 just becuase it has an ugly messenger strap which I'll never use annoys me. Anyway I ran out before the SA came back to avoid making another impulsive purchase which I would most likely regret :shame:

    I'm so indecisive. But I've been a really good girl and havn't bought a bag since September (not including my stam that I returned) and I'm starting to feel a need for something new. Besides, I bought my 1st MJ last Valentine's day and I feel I should make it a tradition:devil:

    Anway, how do your ivory, white chiffon, etc MJ's hold up??
  2. That's some willpower you have! I'm a sucker and tend to buy and then think later...

    For lighter color bags, I think if you clean them regularly, at least weekly, you're bag will stay white. I wouldn't let the color put me off from using it daily. At the price we're paying, we deserve to use it every day!
  3. l like that you ran off! Haha, I probably would've done the same. As for light colors, they scare me as well.
  4. I have a white Stella, and haven't had trouble keeping it clean. I store it in the dustbag when not in use, and never set it on the ground... but then, I am ultra careful with all my bags. All of them look like they just came off the display shelf. So I guess it really depends on how rough you are on your bags in general.
  5. Do you use Appleguard on your bags? The ladies over at MakeupAlley swear by it.
  6. Yeah that's how I care for my other MJ's and they're all dark colors. You guys clean your white bags regularly to keep them looking good? That sounds too high maintainence for me. I wouldnt have the patience for that. =/
  7. It's not too high maintenance for me. It sounds fantastic, thanks. I'm thinking of getting a cream-ish Chloe'. (Sorry, for the record, I want two new MJs and have one!)