Keeping your bags in shape???

  1. What does everyone use to stuff their bags when they are storing them to keep their shape?

    Let me know!
  2. searching this forum for how to clean your handles on a speedy 25, i popped in here to see what others do to keep the shape.

    right now I have a beach towel & wash cloths stuffed inside to get it's shape back. i'm sure that's a fine way to do it, but just curious what you all did...
  3. Lol I never store my bags long enough to need to stuff them but if I did, I'd use some clean old towels rolled up and put inside the bag.
  4. I ask my SA to stuff my bags for me when I purchase them.
  5. I always put tissue papers in my bags.
  6. double post
  7. My SA normally stuff them anyway, so I just use her stuffing.
  8. I use the packing pillows that come in packages from elux!
  9. Yeahh same here!
  10. I used to stuff my bags religiously because I didn't want them to lose thier shape and get creases or bends. But after talking with the store manager at my Louis Vuitton boutique, I learnt that you don't have to stuff them and it's best not to. She said as long as it's in the dustbag and not under stress, it should be ok. And if it should happen to get a crease, it'll work out in a short while.
  11. old bed sheet
  12. I don't stuff mine. My epi bags are stiff and hold their shape, and my mono speedy is usually only stored for a week or two.
  13. I usually don't stuff my bags (except for my Hudson, that's the only one that's stuffed all the time as the Koala closures are really heavy and put the bag down in the middle)... I use tissue papers...
  14. I have stuffed old clothes in my speedy and keepall.
  15. Towels, bedsheets for keepalls and speedys... Inside my Cabas Mezzo I store a Dooney Alma to keep its shape upright. Nothing in others.