keeping white patent leather clean

  1. i just recently purchased a botkier white patent bag and i am wondering how hard it is to keep it clean thanks!!!
  2. I think any type of smudge on patent leather can be wiped off with a soft damp cloth. I don't think that would do it any harm.
  3. Once you stain white patent leather its hard to remove, so just be aware of dye transfer from your clothes, especially jeans. Also sometimes you'll find you get scuff marks, it is very important to remove the scuff mark right away as the scuff can also leave a stain.

    I got brown scuffs on my white patent purse. I left them for 3 days though before removing with non acetone nail polish remover and now have very light brown stains instead. You wouldn't notice them if you didn't know but its still very annoying.

    There are many good patent leather cleaning and protection products available. You can do some research on the internet or local mall to see what you're most comfortable with using.

    Easy household tips for patent leather:
    For general cleaning a clean damp cloth is best, for scuffs and stains non acetone nail polish remover and for shine petroleum jelly.
  4. I've used a Mr Clean magic eraser for some scuff marks on patient leather it works great on little scuffs.
  5. The best patent cleaner that I have found is Cadillac Patent Cleaner. You can order it through customer service at Also, patents don't play well with other patents - they can mark each other. So I always keep my patent bags separated form each other; and when possible (i.e., convenient), I store them in their dust covers.
  6. please help me! i just stained m burberry cream patent leather bag with my son's jeans (i guess). i felt so devastated, i cried. how do i get rid of the stain? tried toothpaste and vaseline, didnt work. i"ll be using non acetone nal polish remover or mr clean magic eraser later. anymore advise?
  7. imeelove: You may want to post this in the general Handbags & Purses forum. You'll probably get more responses there.

    Unfortunately I don't have any patent bags so I don't have an answer other than the above or referring you to Barbara at Email her and see what she says. Hope that helps!
  8. That is funny..patents don't play well together. It remeinds me of the movie where the guy had the patent suit and when he walked he made loud squeaking sounds, maybe it was Austin Powers.
  9. Yikes... I'm no expert here either. I've done away with all light colored bags because I couldn't figure this out. Good luck!

  10. thanks for the reply. tried using non acetone nail polish remover. stain is slowly fading but still noticeable in bright light. will email barbara. thanks again!