Keeping the Speedy, wishing for Duomo

  1. Thanks to everyone here for the feedback yesterday on whether to sell my Damier Speedy 25 and get the Duomo instead. The majority of you said to keep the Speedy because it has sentimental value, and the Duomo will still be there when I'm ready to buy it.

    I spoke with my fiance and my son about it last night, who are both very knowledgeable about LV now that I've been enlightening them over the past few months. :graucho: They both also advised me to keep the Speedy, saying "You got it on our trip to London, and that makes it special." My fiance also asked me specifically what the name of the other bag I want is...who knows, the Duomo may appear in my life sooner than I expect!

    Then my son (age 13) asked to see the Speedy, because I've had it put away for fall, so we took her out of the dustbag and admired her together. I really do like that bag.:love: DS said he'd seen some fake LVs at school...I must be doing something right, if he can tell when they aren't authentic!:P
  2. So cute that your son is interested in LV and your Speedy! The Duomo is worth waiting for! (I feel for you, I have to wait till the end of sept. as well):smile: :noworry:
  3. YAY!!! You are keeping the speedy!!!:yahoo:That is SO CUTE that your son and your fiance are interested in LV!:smile: I think your fiance might just surprise you one day with that beloved Duomo of yours!;) You never know!!!:nuts:
  4. My fiance understands all about fine quality, and just last night was saying I should look at some LV shoes soon. How did I get lucky enough to find a man who loves to shop for shoes with me? :love:

    My son has definite...preferences. He likes Damier much better than the Mono, although he did think the Cerises Speedy was OK. He doesn't like the BH because it's "too big," but I explained that I need something big to take to work. He was saying last night that he should have gotten a wallet at LV while we were in London...until I told him that some of them cost more than the Speedy! At least I'm teaching him to appreciate the good stuff, right? :angel:
  5. That's great news! I'm so glad you decided to keep the Speedy. Also, I think it's wonderful that your son and your FI share your interest in LV. I only WISH I could teach my DH to appreciate my obsession :lol: You are one lucky woman!
  6. So glad you are keeping the Speedy! :yahoo: That's so funny, my DH was just saying I should get some LV shoes next. :smile:
  7. Yay for speedy. How can you even think of selling it? Maybe dh will suprise you with the Duomo next,:graucho:
  8. Your fiance is sweet. I'm glad you're keeping your speedy. :yes:
  9. :yahoo:
  10. Your son definitely has good tastes, and hopefully you'll be opening a Louis Vuitton box soon in the future. ;)
  11. That's exactly what I was thinking when you wrote that your fiance asked you specifically for the name of the Duomo! :graucho:

    You made a good decision to keep your lovely Speedy!:yes:
  12. Woohoo! You have men in your life with great taste!