Keeping the neverfull...or exchange for!

  1. Hi everyone! So I recently bought my first LV last week - the Neverfull MM and vernis agenda (which I looove)

    I originally fell in love with LV b/c of the Azur pattern - on the Speedy 25.

    But since it's now fall, I thought if I got the Azur now it would just sit in my closet till next Spring (and I'm up north, so there's no way I would want that baby in the snow!)

    So I ended up getting the Neverfull MM - a more functional bag, and I love big totes. I was never huge fan of the monogram (b/c of the fakes), but I think it does look good on the Neverfull MM.

    Should I keep the Neverfull MM and just get the Azur next year, or should I exchange it for the Azur now?
    To be honest, I don't want to have a huge LV purse collection, where I have 10 bags of the same pattern and then get sick of LV all together (this happened to me with another label) I just want to have a couple of LV bag I loooove and will use for a lifetime. (but I will have a nice large collection of LV accessories, b/c I loove them they are so cute!)

    Help please :rolleyes:
  2. KEEP the Neverfull and buy the Azur in the spring! I'm in the same dilemma!

    But that said, if you don't absolutely love or need it don't keep it.
  3. I would keep the neverfull. Purchase the azur next time.
  4. I would also keep the neverfull and buy the azur when you are ready to use it.
  5. ohohoho...i'm no help...i just bought my neverfull PM yesterday and my damier azur 25 is coming to me on oct. 4th! sooooo i'm inclined to say keep the neverfull and buy the azur anyway! ;D
  6. I think they are both cute bags! You like the neverfull, and you won't use the azur until next year anyway, so I say keep the neverfull and get your azur in the spring... Maybe it can be your HOLIDAY gift!
  7. I say keep the Neverfull. Even if you decide you'd rather have an azur piece come spring (and the azur Neverfulls should be out by then :graucho:) you can sell your mono Neverfull to fund the azur since LV holds it's value so well.
  8. mono and azur are 2 different prints so having 2 of them shouldn't make u "bored" of LV ;). lol at least that's what i'm thinking since my LV dream is to get one LV bag in each print :lol:.
  9. I am EXTREMELY happy with my azur speedy. Azur is just so beautiful. However, since you live in a place that snows and assuming you are happy/pleased with the neverful... I would keep the neverful MM because it is functional and practical and get the azur later on.

    However, if the Neverful is just something you sort of like but you absolutely love the azur speedy... I would exchange.
  10. Neverfull now, Azur later. Easy! :yes: :winkiss:

    The Neverfull is I think one of the few 'recent' new styles that is quite classic for such a fresh, young design. I think too that itself it'll be harder to get tired of because of it's versatility with those side straps.

    If you don't want a huge LV collection and don't want to get tired of the mono, then don't accumulate a huge LV mono collection! A mono bag now and an Azur bag in spring won't tire you. :winkiss:
  11. If you are not totally in love with your neverfull I think you should exchange it for the bag you love!!! Azur speedy 25 is a great bag.
  12. Keep the neverfull ! (wish I had one)......Also, I think waiting for the Azur will be fun.
  13. I would say keep the neverfull and get the azur speedy later! ;)
  14. Lucky for me here, we have no fall season in where i stay.. azur for me works all yr round for us... I say get the neverfull first and azur next yr...
  15. there's going to be an Azur Neverfull :nuts:? this is the first I've heard of it.