Keeping the Neverfull cinched in???

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  1. I've read that people have used charms to keep their neverfull cinched. Can someone explain how that works? Also, any other helpful suggestions?
  2. I hope my pics are clear. I use this (don(t know the right word) Got it in a craftmanshop

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  3. I saw someone post they attached the locks from their speedies onto the gold rings
  4. Thats a cute idea!!!
  5. I read that as well (thats exactly what I was ready to post), but I wonder if the lock might rub against the print and wear it down? Don't know, but thats whats been keeping me from doing it myself.

    I think the above crafts idea is cute as well! Nice job!
  6. [​IMG]

    i just use a lobster claw clasp that i got from a bead store and i attached a charm to it. (they were actually earrings.)
  7. That is super cute!!
  8. you guys are soooo smart! AND Creative!

    One more reason to love the Purse Forum!
  9. So cute!!! What a good idea!!:tup:
  10. Really great ideas! Thanks!
  11. clinch it tight, then bring both vachetta straps in front of the bag and attach them together with a charm or clip or a cles or something cute.
  12. I used small keyrings and looped them from behind. I could hardly see the rings and it did its job!
  13. Mine Used To Come Loose And It Was Annoying. The More I Wore It The Better It Stayed In Place. I Don't Really Notice Anymore.
  14. thats cute!

    Otherwise any purse charm would work :smile: and like someone else said an lv lock :smile:
  15. What a wonderful and creative idea...can't wait to show this to my daughter!!