Keeping the distance

  1. When I see my crush, I tend to keep a distance between him. Why is that? Why won't I just act normal and do my things?

  2. :smile: It's only normal to get nervous sometimes but you just need to give yourself a push, take a deep breath and just be yourself =)
  3. The same with me. Not a crush (I have a BF) but everytime I feel impressed by someone : someone with strong personnality, or higher position professionally.
    It´s usually when you care too much about someone else´s opinion of you, then you act all differently ! And if it´s a crush then you are concerned with giving the best image and become super self conscious....
    How to solve this ? yourself, try to talk about any normal stuff,
    what if he was a good friend how would you react in that situation, and if you blush while talking to him....that´s sweet:shame:
    That this make any sense ?
  4. It's like this. If I see him standing at point A, I would avoid the area and won't come near him. If he comes to my where I was standing, I would leave the area and go to another place.

    Why won't I take advantage of the situation?
  5. well just push yourself, you're just shy I guess but you can do it if you try really hard. just go up to him and talk away ^^
    you will be much more relaxed once you guys talk a bit.

    how bout next time he comes up next to you just stay put,force yourself to just stay there :smile:
    just don't listen to your inner self telling you to run to the other side of the room.
  6. lol That's cute. I think I used to be that way. So I completely understand. Its hard to be yourself when you're a nervous wreck...maybe you should take baby steps and try to approach him in a subtle manner...join in on conversation here and there until you build up more confidance.
  7. Exactly! :yes:

    This is exactly how I was... even with Vlad. Vlad and I started out as great friends, but the day I had a crush on him- I was TERRIFIED to be by him. He would ask me to meet him for lunch and I would always say I was busy- I was TERRIFIED to be alone with him.

    But one day I overcame it, and now we have been together for quite some time!

    This is normal- if you are nervous or shy around someone you like... you just have to try to break out of it.
  8. You're probably afriad you'll somehow embarass yourself, but don't sweat it. Just try to stay relaxed.
  9. Thank you all. I will try not to next time.