Keeping the CL Red Soles: Which is better?


Which is a better idea?

  1. Buying clear Foot Petals and doing it yourself.

  2. Buying red soles and taking it to the cobbler.

  3. Do nothing, just wear it!

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  1. After reading a few post on this subject. Which do you TPFers think is a better idea to protect your red soles?

    1. Buying a bunch of clear Foot Petals to stick on yourself?

    2. Buying red soles and taking them to a cobbler to have them put it on?

    Pictures are from eBay or other threads I found on tpf:



  2. where can you find red soles? I usually put foot petals but I think I would much rather red soles like ^
  3. Not so sound stupid but aren't foot petals small?
  4. well I think they are, you need 2-3 to cover the toe part of the sole
  5. Where can you find clear ones? I've only seen black.
  6. wouldn't red paint be nice?
    i just put the clear foot pedals on mine and did a very very bad job!
    DSC00148.JPG DSC00149.JPG
  7. i just bought three pairs of the red ones today. I've always done the clear foot petals but i totally prefer the red soles so i will be going to the cobbler soon
  8. I say just wear them! I don't understand why many people want to preserve the entire red sole. The underside of the heel is really the only part that is visible when standing or walking anyway so why fret over the sole covering the ball of the foot? I just don't get it. Who cares? People will still see the red. Why worry about it? I apologize if I sound like a jerk. I don't mean to but I really don't understand this.
  9. Lawchick: No, you don't sound mean you are entitle to your opinions.

    I did try to wear a pair without doing anything to it but when I look at it, the sole looks kinda cardboard like and might not hold up so well after constant wear.
  10. Has anyone tried the red rubber soles yet?

    To OP: I honestly don't know what's better. So far, I've only worn my CLs to carpeted areas.
    I'm going to do a "test-drive" on my older shoes (like doing the shoe goo w/ acrylic paint, clear duct-tapes, etc) and see if anything works.

    I may be leaning slightly towards doing the red rubber soles because they also help prolong the life of the shoes.
  11. I agree with lawchick. I say just wear the shoes.
  12. I totally agree. just wear them.
  13. Ditto.
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