Keeping the baby's month clean

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  1. I was reading some articles about baby's thrush. After looking at those pics I can't help to wonder if my baby has it. There is definitely some white stuff accumulated on her tongue and I thought it's from the milk. And I remember I asked the paediatrician and she told me I don't really need to clean it. So can anyone give me some advice on how to keep the baby's month clean from getting thrush?
  2. thrush is a yeast infection in the mouth. so as long as the balance stays right your baby wont get thrush. if by chance baby does get it, your ped will prescribe a medicine that will get rid of it. just beware that if you are breastfeeding, if baby has thrush there is a big chance that you will as well.
  3. Nothing to do with cleaning. The "milk tongue" will go away with time.
  4. The local hospitals here use gauze dipped in boiled water to wipe way the milk stains. Add a pinch of salt in the water for stubborn milk residue. If it's thrush, use Daktarin Oral Gel. My girl had it on her lips once and the gel works like magic (only 2 or 3 applications and they were gone for good). Make sure you change the pacifier and teats though, just to make sure the thrush won't recur.